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Industrial Incident Management

Police and Law Enforcement

When a tank terminal has a leakage, or a fire occurs in one of the tankpits. There are controlling officers who need to make a vast amount of decisions to extinquish the fire or prevent it from spreading.
These are big organisations where communication, information and know-how are very important. Next to this the available materials are prior to fight the incident as well. Materials conclude, firetrucks, firefighting teams, foamcontainers etc. By sending your teams on designated tasks an incident can be controlled and observed from different angles.
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Industrial Incident Management
Real-life training is often the best way to develop competences, but it is time-consuming and expensive. RescueSim allows emergency response teams to prepare for incidents in a virtual working environment. Under the guidance of your own instructor, any incident can be realistically simulated. Crews experience the incident as they would in real life. They determine the best response strategy, implement it and then observe the consequences of their decisions.
The instructor creates the incident scenario and influences it by changing elements such as fire, wind direction, wind speed, equipment, complexity of the incident, etc.
The student experiences the training in the first person view and is able to take all necessary actions.
The basis of the training is a realistic 3D training environment that can be generic or a replica of your own working environment. The instructor can simulate an endless number of incidents using an extensive incident toolbox. Various incidents are predefined but the instructor has the flexibility to create his own scenarios, making every training session dynamic and realistic. A compete log of all actions, decisions and events allows detailed post-action reviews and performance evaluation.
The RescueSim training platform can be supplemented with industry-specific training modules that include environments, scenarios and equipment relevant to that industry. Today, modules exist for:
Professional Fire Departments - developed for the Netherlands with Artesis Virtual, it includes all standard procedure and scenario training courses of "Leidraad Oefenen" of the National Fire Academy.
Process industry - developed with the Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Harbour Fire Department and Shell, it includes all the basic functionality for the training incident scenarios, such as industrial tank fires, gas leakages, pipe leakages, and incidents with trains or tankers containing hazardous materials.
Ports - developed with the Port of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Harbour Fire Department, it includes training incident scenarios with various vessels and industrial fires.
Several other industry modules are under development. Each module can be further customised to the specific needs of individual organisations.
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