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The Door Supervisor Training Organisation
To work as a SIA Door Supervisor or SIA Security Guard in the UK you will need to have an SIA licence issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).
One of the requirements of the SIA licence is that you hold a recognised qualification, and the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision meets the requirement for the SIA Licence.
We run SIA Door Supervisor Courses in Bournemouth, Reading, Brighton, London, Kent, Ipswich, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Lancashire and Norwich.
What people have said about DSTO Ltd
After attending your SIA course in Ramsgate in September I want to congratulate you in your delivery.
Whilst the framework of the course was based around the SIA criteria what made the course so much more inspiring was the fact you were able to draw on your years of experience to relate text book lectures to real life scenarios. Rather than adding any form of a glamoura ™ to the door persona ™srole you focused on the a reala ™ responsibilities of ensuring a safe and secure environment for customers of the establishment, often quite graphically.
From my research DSTO isna ™t the cheapest nor the shortest course available but I would advise anybody thinking of joining the industry to attend a course run by you.
Stephen Cross
Cross and Wells Ltd. Kent
Hi. I would like to thank you following the three day SIA DS Course run at the St. Lawrence Tavern, Ramsgate. It was professionally run, enjoyable and highly recommendable. It was a pleasure meeting up with you and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future a professionally of course.
Lee Woolcott-Ellis
CCTV Manager [MPM]. Maidstone
Just a quick email to say thank you for both the HD and the Maybo courses you have run for us. Having spoken to the guys after yesterday they were very positive about both the course content and your delivery. I will certainly look to implement the techniques into the way that I work!
Peter Milmine
Metropolis Security (UK) Ltd. Bristol
Dear Bob,
Many thanks for the excellent training this week, may I take this opportunity to say, that it was apparent from the very outset by the way in which you delivered the course that Door Supervision is a subject of which you are passionate and whilst it was an intensive course, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I believe I can speak for all of us on the course when I say that we have all come away with a set of skills that will most certainly set us on the right road for the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending either yourself or the DSTO to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the field of professional Door Supervision.
I hope we meet again very soon in a more professional scenario.
Andy Grimes from Brighton.
Andy and Erica from Reading:
"Hi just wanted to say how much Erica and i enjoyed the course. Bob was a superb instructor, he not only made the course interesting but based it on his vast experience. I would recommend DTSO and Bob as the instructor to anyone. As you can see he really impressed us both, so well done and thanks very much."
Lesley from Bournemouth :
"Yes thanks very much everyone really enjoyed the course and I'm sure they all feel more confident within themselves. I would like say how nice it was to have someone so professional delivering the course. I will definitely want to run this course again with the next batch of Duty Managers so will contact you again nearer the time."
Phil from London:
"Unit 2 - This part was not so easy for me, never worked a door or hands of conflict. I was put at ease; Tommy is a great guy, wealth of experience and a way of getting the training over in a simple and uncomplicated way. Mind you he may tell you different, his students were hard work, there was quite a language barrier he had to get over and also using slang and local words. Again Tommy had this guy wanting to tell and make his points of view, over and over again. An extremely good trainer and a lot to give, very passionate in wanting people to pass, he gave them a lot of confidence. Seems he went out of his way to help everyone, including me."
John M from London:
"Just a quick note to say the last 2 weekends i have attended your door supervisor training course at the university of London. The first weekend with Tommy and the second with Bob Knowles, I just like to say thank you very much and must say that it was taught very well and both bob and Tommy excellent and i came away from the course feeling confident about what i had learnt.
" I nearly choose to go on a course at a college near me were it would have been probably taught by someone who had never done the job, and i am glad that i continued to search the internet and i found the DSTO were we were taught by experienced people."
John C from Norwich :
"I would like to thank your organisation for an extremely well run and enjoyable course, (Course reference ncds-PO10009) the instruction by Tracey was first class and full of enthusiasm. I will most certainly attend more courses with you and will be recommending you to colleagues and friends."
Trevor from Bournemouth:
"I found the course very enlighting & and informative, although I have done door work in the past & consider myself to be an old hand with the job I still picked up some useful information & tips, never too old to learn. I would also like to add that Brenden was brilliant, he is an excellent instructor & made the course pleasurable & informative."
Related Awards, Degrees or Certifications: Level 2 Award in Door Supervision
Related Jobs or Careers: To work as a SIA Door Supervisor or SIA Security Guard in the UK you will need to have an SIA licence issued by the Security Ind
This is primarily ilt training
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Bournemouth, Dorset,
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:4 days
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by The Door Supervisor Training Organisation
  • L asked: What thime can I do a course in Plaistow? What time will be the next course and where? Your sincerely
  • B asked: send me information on how to apply for training in london as well as the venue and cost
  • M asked: dear sir/ madame. im writing in reference to doing an sia license. when is it possible to do a course in kent. many thanks
  • B asked: i am aout to leave the in sept and have een forthe past years an armed gaurd in the mpgs security in ovington i wish to continue to work in the security field and would like to know if i require the course certificate having een doing security work in the also can you tel me any forthcoming dates as from july as i can you grant towards a couse regards
  • P asked: Where and how soon can I get my certificate?
  • K asked: Where is the closest coarse and earliest? I live in Caledonia ON. Thanks,
  • S asked: we are three people, do there would be any special discount for this if we three reguster ourselves for door supervision course.
  • D asked: Hi there, Im interested in finding out more about the costs for your course. We are a local charity based in Mitcham, Surrey we recently recieved some funding to hold a course in the security sector. If you could please give me some more details, and let me know the availability on trainers i would be very gratefull Many thanks
  • E asked: I will love to register for the most current taining
  • W asked: Could you please confirm the time and dates of the Bournemouth course, and also confirm cost and if there are any spaces left.
  • D asked: any door supervision course comming up in my area thanks
  • C asked: Please could you send me more details regarding the SIA Course. I am currently been on Job Seekers allowance for months and wondered if there was any funding available for this course, as I would really like to become a security guard in the near future. I live in Southampton but am willing to travel a reasonable distance if need be. I am a female and have been resident in the UK since born in and can provide the necessary proofs of ID. Many Thanks
  • A asked: Greetings from New Zeland I am hoping to re-locate to the UK, within the next six months, for an extended stay (at least two ) I am entitled to work in the UK and am presently employed here in New Zealand as a Security Guard (static) by a well known, reconised company here in Hamilton in the Waikato. Can you please advise me the cost and requirements for your mandatory SIA courses and all that is entailed for a prospective Security Guard. I have a good command of the english language and am able to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life, am a mature woman (over fifty and under ), am healthy and reasonably fit. Have a clean driving licence and am able to have accomodation in Britain, whilst I attend the courses necessary, to gain employment.. Many thanks for your attention and I look forward to your reply to my request. Regards
SIA Door Supervisor Security Guard Course
It is not necessary to have any specific experience or qualifications in order to attend this course.
Module 1: Working in the Private Security Industry
The Private Security Industry
Relevant Legislation
Health and safety in the workplace
The principles of fire safety
Non-fire-related workplace emergencies
The principles of effective communication and customer care in the private security industry
Module 2: Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry
The principles of conflict management
All you need to know about risk
Communication and the de-escalation of conflict
Problem solving strategies
After the conflict is over
Module 3: Working as a Door Supervisor
Behaviour standard for door supervisors
Door supervisors and the law
Access control and searching
Incident recording and crime scene preservation
Licensing law and social responsibility
Safety and security
Module 4: Physical Intervention
Health and safety
The legal implications on use of force
Medical implications in use of force
Post incident reporting
Recording incidents
To pass the course you must pass 3 multiple choice exams (very easy)and a practical assessment. We have taught over 5000 candidates for the SIA and have a 96 pass rate :)
Once you have completed the course and exams you can apply for your SIA licence. The SIA license will cost you 245. Once you have the SIA license you can work as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard or Event Steward for 3 years.
About The Training Provider: The Door Supervisor Training Organisation
The Door Supervisor Training Organisation - DSTO has been training door supervisors and security guards since 1997. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry. We pay attention to detail and we do not believe in short cuts. Value for money is also essential to us, and in the 21st century world of security we recognise that the cost of entry can sometimes be frightening. This means that we try to keep the cost of courses as...
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