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Past simple, past continuous tense

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This website helps students learn and practise grammatical structures online. There are a lot of various exercises for each structure and the tenses are explained in the grammar rules section, which is also available in a printable version. You can practise the English tenses online until you can use them properly. All the exercises are interactive. After you have completed an exercise (or a part of it), click on the check button and E-grammar will only show you if your answers in the exercise are right or wrong. After that you can try to correct your answers and check again. If you have no idea what to do, you can click on the show button, which will show you the right answers. The remove button will delete all your answers from the exercise. Everything is free of charge.
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Past simple, past continuous tense
The online exercises
They consist of a controlled practice, which is the most important part of the exercise. Some exercises deal with a single grammatical point, others cover a wider range. The exercises provide opportunities to practise a specific point of the English grammar and compare different English tenses as well.
The grammar rules
The grammar rules section gives basic information on use of each tense and typical examples. The examples are of everyday English. The grammar sections are as close as possible to the corresponding exercises. You can study a grammar point easily while doing an exercise.
Both the rules and exercises are designed to quickly improve the use of the English tenses being practised.
About The Training Provider: - English Grammar Online E-grammar. org is free online English grammar for all who want to practise English tenses. What will you find here? Complete verb tenses in English with interactive English exercises and grammar rules. You can practise your English grammar with free online tests, each test includes from two to five grammar exercises - gap-filling exercises, matching exercises or...
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