Shamanic Dreaming 8 week online course

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Enhance your health, creativity and thinking skills through the world of dreams using shamanic dreaming methods. Take this course and you will learn how to have lucid dreams, travel astrally, enhance your learning and more.
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Related Jobs or Careers: Can form part of training to become a shamanic practitioner.
This is primarily ilt training
on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)This is an online eLearning or CBT training program
self directedThis is a self-directed course
study at homeThis course may be available for home-study
Course Level:basic
Duration:8 weeks
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Bronze Dragon International Training

Shamanic Dreaming 8 week online course Seminar Schedule

March, 2016
7th Mar   Bronze Dragon online training   [Register]
April, 2016
4th Apr   Bronze Dragon online training   [Register]
May, 2016
2nd May   Bronze Dragon online training   [Register]
June, 2016
6th Jun   Bronze Dragon online training   [Register]
September, 2016
5th Sep   Bronze Dragon online training   [Register]
Shamanic Dreaming 8 week online course
Bronze Dragon Training offers the most advanced interactive shamanic, dreaming, energy and crystal healing courses available online:
Our trainers are leaders and innovators in their field and our online courses offer personal contact with these teachers.
Each online training course consists of practical sessions with written, audio or visual content, personal assignments and casework. Course forums allow you to share and enrich your experience through interaction with fellow course members and your personal Blog allows you to reflect on experiences and progress throughout the training.
Shamanic Dreaming - Course Content:
Shamanic dreaming system for having, remembering and recording dreams
Dreaming for creativity and invention
Dreaming for insights and personal evolution
Dreaming for problem solving and healing the past
Dreaming for learning and skill enhancement
Lucid dreaming and utilising lucidity
Astral travelling, accessing other worlds and other intelligences
Dreamweaving: changing the future
About The Training Provider: Bronze Dragon International Training
Bronze Dragon International Training - We offer short courses and practitioner training in Reiki healing, crystal healing, shamanic healing, soul retrieval, soul healing and shamanic dreaming. We also offer online courses in crystal healing, practical shamanism, shamanic dreaming and tarot. Our clients are mainly individuals attending our public course programmes. We are also happy to provide bespoke trainings for groups and...
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