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Advanced Hypnosis

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ADVANCED HYPNOSIS (3- Day Intensive)
An advanced NLP and Hypnosis seminar designed to accelerate the development of NLPers and Hypnotists by providing specialised knowledge and insight into all aspects of Hypnosis.
Course Focus:
* Hypnotic presentations - use hypnosis easily in one-to-many communication.
* Advanced hypnotic language, for seamless conversational inductions.
* Subtle Hypnosis, including non-verbal trance inductions.
Designed for:
NLP Practitioners and NLP Master Practitioners who want to maximise their ability to induce trance and perfect their use of Hypnotic language in formal and informal settings.
Related Jobs or Careers: Builds upon NLP Practitioner or hypnotherapy qualifications
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:3 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Resourceful Change
Advanced Hypnosis
* Hypnotic presentation skills
* Powerful indirect suggestions (not just about embedded commands, but something much more subtle and effective)
* Strategies for creating rapid trance
* Conversational hypnosis
* Subtle metaphor
* Tonal fractionation
* Flexible Induction principles
* Patterns in non-verbal suggestion
What people are saying about our Advanced Hypnosis training:
"It was fascinating to learn the rapid induction techniques and deepeners and experience the deep trance phenomena. I especially liked the automatic writing and using fractionation.
The hypnotic presentation skills and converational hypnosis are fantastic power tools for furthering my NLP. Now, at last I can do NLP with without the need for a formal trance induction and incorporate it into everyday situations in the office and at home.
I can whole heartedly recommend this course as being essential to anyone who is seriously interested in NLP." - Richard Barrett
"Most useful insights include fast inductions which will give me more time to work with clients, conversational hypnosis to use in everyday life, deepeners, better tonality for use with people both in and not in trance and more specifics on signs of trance and anchoring" - Angela Lloyd-Martin
About The Training Provider: Resourceful Change
Resourceful Change - Resourceful Change offers a range of NLP-based trainings, including certification as a NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach. We feature training in several advanced applications of NLP and offer corporate NLP-based training. Our aim is to deliver highly practical and effective NLP skills in plain language, producing practitioners who have up-to-date knowledge and...
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