Restorative Justice

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Restorative Justice is an alternative to traditional court proceedings. The course explores the roots of restorative justice, the differences from traditional mediation and guidelines to follow. We will examine satisfaction, whether or not it is successful, as well as the advantages/ disadvantages of using this approach. Power, choice and control in terms of these mediation sessions will also be discussed. All coursework is completed online at your own pace. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate for the course.
This is primarily online training
Course Level:advanced
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Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice 1:
- Defined
- Victim Offender Mediation defined
- Roots of restorative justice
- Commonalities and differences with traditional mediation
- How Victim Offender Mediation came to be
- Underlying principles
- Concepts of power, participation and control
- Mediator guidelines for Victim Offender Mediation
- Reasons for participating or not in Victim Offender Mediation
- Revictimization
- Restorative justice program requirements
- Initial meeting with Victim and Offender
- Advantages and disadvantages to the process
- Reasons participants choose to participate
- Offenses that are mediated
- Referral sources for Victim Offender Mediation
- Satisfaction rates
- Success rates
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ADIAN Collaborative Resolution Solutions Inc - ADIAN Collaborative Resolution Solutions Inc. is a Professional Conflict Resolution Company offering online training in communication. The course offerings will continue to expand to include a variety of Conflict Resolution topics, from basic to advanced. The online format allows individuals to complete the courses at their convenience. Each course results in a certificate to add to CV's....
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