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7th Path Self Hypnosis Practitioners Workshop

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I would like to introduce a mind body spirit form of self hypnosis. Many people who take this class find that they are able to overcome many challenges that they are facing without having to do one on one therapy. One can fulfill goals in
an automatic and natural way. It is less expensive than doing one on one therapy with a hypnotist and can help one achieve the same results but at their own pace. It is a skill that one can use everyday of onea ™s life whenever they need it. It has an inbuilt system to take care of emptying the cup and then
filling it with more positive thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Many people find this a useful way to clear all the old programming, all past baggage. Some people even get to discovertheir life's purpose as a by-product of doing this course, a bonus! And one can achieve all this at the fraction of the cost of doing therapy one on one.
This form of Self Hypnosis called 7th Path usually gives people
insight about themselves. We have the Basic and Advanced
Recognitions in the short, full and ultimate forms. When I conduct the Basic workshop, I usually give the first, fourth and fifth Recognitions in the full form and the second and third in the short form. Then in the Advanced workshop, participants receive the third and fourth in the full forms as well as the 6th to 9th Recognitions in the full forms. Then some people who want to witness and/ or experience transformational
changes at a deeper more profound spiritual level, they may sign up for the Ultimates Workshop which will be held in August of 2010.
These Recognitions are affirmative statements that are specifically worded to resonate and dissonate in the mind of the person saying it in a specific way taught in class.
The Recognitions work on contact and the end result is that people are able to remove blockages caused by events in their past. They are able to have their minds automatically reprogrammed so that they can succeed in life.
By learning this form of self hypnosis, one gets to learn a skill that can be useful for life and can be used for whatever challenges they face in life.
I am conducting it in two ways for the Basic workshop-
part-time over several weeks and full-time in one full day and a couple of hours the previous night. The fee for both is the same, and there is a discount for signing up for the advanced workshop as well.
I am attaching some information about this course. Please take a
look. Also you can get more information about 7th Path from my
website: http://www. petrahypnosis. com under training program.
Look at Personal Development section for information about 7th Path.
Please register early if you are keen because I would like to pass you the manual which you can start reading even before the course starts.
To register, please fill the registration or booking form and send it to me together with the payment either by telegraphic transfer or by cheque.
Or you may come to the office with an appointment to make payment in cash.
It is good to remamber that when you invest your time, effort and money in anything, it usually bears fruit. And in this course, transformational changes take place making this course a great value for the money invested.
Related Jobs or Careers: This is a self empowerment program. It helps to remove blockages from past experiences and it helps a person become more positiv
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic
Duration:4 evenings
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Petra Hypnosis
7th Path Self Hypnosis Practitioners Workshop
Testimonials from 7th Path Practitioners:
(Signed feedback forms are kept in our centre and can be shown upon request.)
7th Path Self Hypnosis Workshop Participants Comments
1. This course reinforces my positive thinking and that
relieves me and makes me reflect on the root of my negative
thoughts. Matthew
2. This course is good for me. I have learnt more and I
understand more about hypnosis. It helps me to relax more.
Now I have a clear
mind and am happier. Geraldine
3. Wa Upon receiving the third Recognition and saying the
second Recognition, I became positively alert and more
confident. It is like breaking out of my old shell and
becoming a better person than ever before - Wellington Lee
4. I would like to thank Petra and Fauziah for a very
informative workshop. I see many potential in this
technique especially for self-improvement, motivation and
advancement and coming to terms with oneself. The sessions
had always been very close and intimate between all the
participants. Thanks.- Azmi Rahmat
5. Very Beneficial. Thanks. - Mike Shia
6. I will continue to practice 7th Path. Thank u Ms Shah for
all the sharing, your stories. Your story telling is very
entertaining and makes the class interesting and fun.
- Fahimah Jalaludeen
7. The concepts are very deep and powerful. It has been a very
life altering experience to find out everything is in the
mind. We feel things happening to us at the physical level,
but all the levels are in the mind. The pre-Recognition
talks are very good as they set the right platform for the
Recognitions to have the right impact. - Sanjeev Verma
8. Very good and refreshing class that widens my horizon on
what I can achieve in life. - Tian Choon Yuan
9. Dear Fauziah, since I did hypnosis with you, I have been
feeling more focused at things I do and able to find many
answers to doubts that I had in the past. Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you - Serene Teh
10. It is a very nice thought to conduct this program over five
weeks. I don t think I would have got the same benefit if
it were done in a single day. Now I do have a habit of
doing self hypnosis at least twice a day. Thanks Fauziah
for this course.- Sanjeev
11. This is a very effective workshop as I ve found myself
becoming a more confident and positive person. Previously,
I was fearful of failures and of others judging me. Now I
believe in myself. Fauziah has been very clear in her
explanation and she motivates me to practise 7th Path in
my life.- Noraini Ibrahim
12. The 7th Path course had amazing effects. But it needs some
patience to practise it;never give up on it. Changes do not
happen overnight. It takes time to change. I m getting
benefit from it slowly. It has made me a better man and to
be able to focus on my goals in life. - Ian Tan
13. Fun and relaxing sessions. I get to understand myself
and learn something new. Now I find myself more forgiving
and less angry. - Patrick Tong Meng Khong
14. Lesson 4, a powerful session, focussing on forgiveness; A
gentle introduction focussing on the other 3 Recognitions;
Essential for self-improvement and regaining one s own self-
confidence - Yolanda Sing
15. 7th Path taught by Fauziah is simple, yet powerful. I love
it and I can go through smoothly all sessions and practice
during the weeks. It helps me better in day to day work-
better focussing and more confidence. It seems to have
helped me in connecting with my meditation and dreams
encounter (those visualizations).- Ric Ow
16. The 7th Path course that is done weekly by Fauziah is great
for me as it has given me time to practice each
Recognition. I R
17. 7TH Path has been really effective in improving my self
esteem and it did so in a self-fulfilling way, simply
because I believed in it and immersed myself in the
process. Its technique may never be quantified as to how
effective it is; 7th Path just simply works So now I m
waiting eagerly for the 5th Recognition.
- Wellington Lee
18. I feel quite good after your class and your sessions has
helped me to come face to face with certain unhappy areas
of my life ................. I feel lighter now.- A H
19. By the end of the 7th Path Self Hypnosis course, I was able
to much more clearly identify the issues affecting my life,
and, this clarity made me far better equipped to address
things that would have previously have been left troubling
me in the back of my mind. - Paddy Hall
20. Ever since I started your 7th Path workshop, I am finding
that I am starting to change for the better. I am less
irritated and becoming more optimistic about life. I
usually liked to curse and swear at bad drivers on the
roads while I am driving, but now I am starting to stop
doing this. - S ..
21. Thanks Ms Fauziah for your wonderful lessons. I like your
voice a lot and the story sharing session. Also through the
Echo sharing sessions, I learnt about myself better and get
the opportunity to learn from the others. Today is the third
lesson but I ve already seen how powerful practising 7th
Path is. I have become more patient, confident, and
tolerant and I love myself more. Thanks again Ms Fauziah
for conducting this course. You re very knowledgeable and
willing to answer our questions and clear our doubts. You
always provide good solutions/ suggestions to us.
- Jessphine Lim (Jess)
22. Thank you Fauziah; we covered so much today on the video,
the demo and the sharing session. So much to learn and
understand. -Azmi Rahmat
23. Saying Recognitions really helps sleep. Instant knockout
pills - W Lee
24. My respect to you, dear Guru. I was stuck in my practice in
ALPHA. After practising with the hypnosis techniques, and
after doing my 7th Path third Recognition, I am able to go
to THETA easily. Thank you Fauziah for introducing me to
this hypnosis class. This even help me in my meditation work
and dream work. Abdul Kadir Jumari
25. It has been an enlightening experience for me. The first
three lessons have provided an insight on the 7th Path self-
hypnosis process. Ms Fauziah is wellversed in this field
and able to relate the 7th Path techniques to real-life
Recommended course for all ages.- Mohd Nazir
Note by the Trainer: This course is not recommended for children unless they are mature.
26. 7th Path helps me to feel good about myself. It builds on
my confidence level as well as how I can handle my
feelings. I learn that it is ok to show the feelings as
long as it doesn t harm anyone or damage any properties.
27. We always feel bad with certain feelings and thinking it s
not right. This course has helped me to understand all
feelings are good. Understanding what our past has & can
create to our body. Understanding the type of feelings will
benefit my daily life & handling situation better. Diana
28. Thru the Recognitions, unconsciously I have received the
Recognitions and behave/ react according to the
Recognitions. This will definitely improve my confidence. I
will definitely recommend this course to friends of mine.
- Beh Hooi Chigh
29. I m only in my third lesson now and yet I ve noticed I am
more relaxed now in stressful situations and able to better
control my emotions. I am confident that once I ve
completed all lessons, I will see greater benefits from 7th
Path. I look forward to that. - Yazeed
30. I have no regrets participating in this 7th Path program as
it is really useful to reduce my worries and doubts.
- Lee Siang
31. It was an interesting journey and I had many good
experiences. I learned a lot about myself and my feelings,
especially while reading the book The Secret Language of
Feelings . The book and the 7th Path course fit together
very well and complement each other nicely. Thanks for
that. - Bernhard
32. Fauziah is a very good, effective and captivating speaker.
She has a wealth of experience to share, which I find
beneficial. Keep up the good work
- Belinda
33. My echoes get more positive as each session progresses.
After each session, I go back feeling more positive and
energetic. - Cheryl Fong
34. I find 7th Path very beneficial. It helps make things
clearer. The sharing sessions were interesting and
insightful. I like my group. They are very positive and
confident. Mr Louis Sequeira
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