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Teaching English as a foreign language

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Cactus is the worlda ™s top language training company, providing courses in over 25 languages, in 45 countries and 150 destinations worldwide. It specialises in all forms of language training, including programs for enterprises and individuals, evening courses, language holidays and school trips, as well as tailor-made packages and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).
Cactus TEFLa ™s unique and in-depth knowledge of the teaching industry means that it can also offer an impartial and informed advice service for anyone new to TEFL. The company sends over 1000 trainees on training courses all over the world every year.
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  • R asked: I am currently wish to obtain Certificate in Teach English as foreign language. I have English as my first language. Your assistance will be appreciated. I currently reside in Malaysia.
  • S asked: I want to inquire about this programme and would like to work out with the organisations.
Teaching English as a foreign language
This course is an excellent certification. It combines practical training with theory. This combination leads to maximizing your confidence in teaching in a variety of typical teaching situations within TEFL / TESOL schools across the world and therefore increases both your employability and your competence in the classroom.
The Cactus Weekend & Online Course is for people who...
* are thinking of taking a CELTA or Cert TESOL but want a pre-course introduction before making a final decision.
* would like to prepare in detail before taking a course such as a CELTA or Cert TESOL.
* plan to teach EFL on a gap year or voluntarily and would like an introduction.
* are already teaching EFL without a qualification and would like to complete some formal training in TEFL.
* are returning to a career in TEFL and need a refresher.
About The Training Provider: Cactus Language
Cactus Language - Cactus offers English courses in London . Courses are available at all levels and can be standard, intensive, individual or designed to prepare students for exams (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE).
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