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Intermediate Spanish Course C2

Language Skills

This course uses help you o develop strong skills in the language as well as Mexican culture. The course use videos, music, readings and games to learn Spanish. The course is in Spanish with clear input and help you to communicate with locals in Huatulco.
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This is primarily tutorial training
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Course Level:intermediate
Duration:10 hours
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by Spanish Teacher Online via Skype
Intermediate Spanish Course C2
Getting students to come to terms with phrasal verbs is a constant challenge. This lesson takes a two pronged approach to helping student learn phrasal verbs. It begins with a reading comprehension, which is peppered with phrasal verbs, followed by a brainstorming session for students to create lists of phrasal verbs to share with one another. Students will be given the chance to tell about themselves to a peer while applying critical and reflective thinking skills in the process. The selection of the questions should foster learning and motivate students to speak uninhibitedly  about themselves. The use of the past tense should occur naturally as they lose themselves in the activity. Grammatical links are there for the students to refer to for revision after the interview takes place. To further motivate students, an evaluation sheet will be filled out by each as they rate each other’s speech performance. The 4 minute speech should be relatively stress free as students have warmed up during the interview process by getting to know one another. They should be ready to want to introduce their partners to their peers.
a personal study programme designed specifically according to each participant s individual needs, in consultation with the course teacher. No time is wasted learning aspects of the language not desired or required by the student. An optional self-placement test is offered in addition to the detailed analysis of participant s objectives;
5 hours of group tuition covering topics such as Mexican culture, Mexican protocols and Mexican fiestas.
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Spanish Teacher Online via Skype - Learn and study Spanish in Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca. Miguel Angel a teacher with over 30 years of experience offers a unique opportunity to engage in and develop cross-cultural experiences as a core requirement for academic porpuses, business expectations or travel proyects in Mexico. For an Immersion courses in Huatulco or Online lessons: Survivial Spanish Semi intensive Spanish ...
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