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Illustrator Complete - Online


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Adobe Illustrator CS4 software is an essential design tool for anyone who needs to express ideas visually in print, on the Web, and in any other medium. This course provides a thorough overview of the interface, the tools, the features, tricks and tips for using Illustrator CS4. The course is an ideal combination of instructor-led demonstration and hands-on practice.
This is primarily webinar training
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:3 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Future Media Concepts
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Illustrator Complete - Online
Course Outline:
Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Work Area
* Getting started
* Understanding the workspace
* Changing the view of artwork
* Finding Resources for using Illustrator
* Checking for updates
Lesson 2: Selecting and Aligning
* Getting Started
* Exploring on your own
Lesson 3: Creating and Editing Shapes
* Getting Started
* Creating a document with multiple artboards
* Working with basic shapes
* Combining objects
* Using Live Trace to create shapes
Lesson 4: Transforming Objects
* Getting Started
* Working with artboards
* Transforming content
* Positioning objects precisely
* Changing the perspective
Lesson 5: Drawing with the Pen and Pencil Tools
* Getting Started
* Creating straight lines
* Creating curved paths
* Creating the apple illustration
* Drawing curves
* Finishing the apple illustration
Lesson 6: Color and Painting
* Getting Started
* Understanding color
* Creating color
* Painting with gradients and patterns
* Working with Live Paint
Lesson 7: Working with Type
* Getting Started
* Working with typeFile
* Understanding text flow
* Formatting type
* Saving and using styles
Lesson 8: Working with Layers
* Getting Started
* Creating layers
* Locking layers
* Viewing layers
* Pasting layers
* Creating clipping masks
* Merging layers
* Applying appearance attributes to layers
Lesson 9: Blending Shapes and Colors
* Getting Started
* Working with gradients
* Working with blended objects
Lesson 10: Working with Brushes
* Getting Started
* Working with the Blob Brush tool Working with brushes
* Using Scatter brushes
* Changing the color attributes of brushes
* Using a fill color with brushes
* Using Calligraphic brushes
* Using Pattern brushes
* Creating brushes
* Applying the Scribble effect
Lesson 11: Applying EffectsM
* Getting started
* Creating a banner logo with the Warp effect
* Creating the 3D cylinder
Lesson 12: Applying Appearance Attributes and Graphic Styles
* Getting Started
* Using appearance attributes
* Exploring on your own
Lesson 13: Working with Symbols
* Getting Started
* Working with symbols
* Storing and retrieving artwork in the Symbols panel
* Mapping a symbol to 3D artwork
* Symbols and Flash integration
Lesson 14: Combining Illustrator CS4 Graphics with Other Adobe Applications
* Getting Started
* Combining artwork
* Vector versus bitmap graphics
* Editing the artboard
* Placing an Adobe Photoshop file
* Masking an image
* Sampling colors in placed images
* Replacing a placed image
* Exporting a layered file to Adobe Photoshop
* Placing Illustrator files in Adobe InDesign
* Integrating Illustrator and Adobe Flash
* Creating Illustrator files for Adobe Flex
Lesson 15: Output
* Getting Started
* Understanding the printing process
* Understanding printing devices
* About color
* What is color management?
* Soft-proofing colors
* Color separations
* Working with two-color illustrations
* Understanding trapping
* Overprinting objects
* Saving and exporting artwork
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