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ActionScript 30 for Adobe Flash Professionals - Online


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ActionScript 3. 0 for Adobe Flash Professionals provides experienced Flash designers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to create dynamically generated event-driven animation and interactive games with Flash. The course teaches fundamental programming techniques. It begins by introducing core concepts including instance names, variables, functions, properties, and methods; then proceeds through conditions, loops, event handling, and animating with ActionScript.
This is primarily webinar training
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:3 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Future Media Concepts
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ActionScript 30 for Adobe Flash Professionals - Online
Course Outline:
To take this course you should:
* Complete the Adobe Flash Complete course, or have equivalent experience.
* Have the desire to learn how to program Flash content using ActionScript.
Lesson 1: Navigating the Flash Timeline
* Getting started
* Placing code on the Flash timeline
Lesson 2: Working with Events and Functions
* Creating event listeners and event handling functions
* Creating navigation with a button click
Lesson 3: Creating Animation with ActionScript
* Reviewing the starting file
* Controlling MovieClip properties with ActionScript
* Creating animation using ActionScript tweens
Lesson 4: Creating ActionScript in External Files
* Creating an ActionScript file
* Creating instances of a class file in Flash
Lesson 5: Using ActionScript and Components to Load Content
* Creating an instance of the List component and setting its parameters
* Adding an instance of the UILoader component
* Adding a CHANGE event listener to the List component
* Loading SWF files into a UILoader component
* Creating the gallery file
* Adding a scroll bar to the text field
Lesson 6: Creating Preloaders in ActionScript 3. 0
* Tools in the testing environment
* Creating a text field and progress bar to track loading
* Inserting ActionScript to track progress of the UILoader component
* Controlling the frames of a MovieClip to reflect loading progress
Lesson 7: Using Arrays and Loops in ActionScript 3. 0
* Examining the starting file
* Adding MovieClip instances to the stage from the Library
* Generating multiple instances with a for loop
* Adding event listeners to the Block instances
* Creating animation using ENTER_FRAME
* Adding the testDone() function
Lesson 8: Creating a Radio Button Quiz in an ActionScript File
* Examining the starting file
* Creating a new ActionScript file
* Setting up the RadioButtonQuiz class
* Adding variables to the RadioButtonQuiz class
* Creating the quiz functionality
* Formatting text with ActionScript
* Creating the quiz
* Creating checkAnswer() the final function
* Integrating your new class into the Flash project
Lesson 9: Controlling Sound with ActionScript
* Examining the starting file
* Adding sliders to the project
* The Sound, SoundChannel, and SoundTransform classes
* Setting the song titles using a for loop
* Making the sliders invisible until needed
* Programming the buttons to select songs
* Controlling the visibility of the volume and pan controls
* Adding a listener for the ID3 tags of an MP3 file
* Adding a text format object
* Adding the slider controls
Lesson 10: Working with an XML Playlist
* Understanding the basic structure of an XML file
* Examining the starting file
* Replacing the songList array with an XML instance
* Loading an external playlist using the URLLoader class
* Responding to COMPLETE and IO_ERROR events
* Moving the event listeners into the xmlLoaded() function
* Updating the chooseSong() function
* Creating hyperlinks using XML data
* Navigating through the song list
Lesson 11: Using ActionScript and Components to Control Video
* Examining the Lesson 11 folder contents
* Adding the FLVPlayback component
* Setting FLVPlayback properties in Flash
* Adding ActionScript control of FLVPlayback properties
* Working with color
* Adding the FLVCaptioning component
* Playing multiple video files from an XML playlist
* Using the full-screen publish settings
Lesson 12: Delving Deeper into Graphics and Animation with ActionScript
* Inverse kinematics in Flash CS4
* Examining the starting files
* Working with IK animation in ActionScript
* Creating Sound and SoundChannel instances
* Playing and stopping the sound effects
* Accessing the user's webcam or video camera using ActionScript
* Using the Bitmap and BitmapData classes
* Examining the Pixel Bender Toolkit
Lesson 13: Printing and Sending Email with ActionScript
* Examining the starting file
* Adding a simple email link
* Sending email from Flash
* Adding printing capabilities with the PrintJob class
Lesson 14: Creating Adobe AIR Applications with Flash and ActionScript
* AIR-specific ActionScript
* Flash publish settings for an AIR project
* Including a file in the AIR application
* Creating an AIR application
* Examining the starting file
* Listening for drag events
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