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Kitchen and BIC


We start from the beginning by differentiating the man made boards. The standards of the floor units, the wall units as well as the tall wall units. We work out the basic designs the cutting lists, working with the melamine, veneer and plya ™s .In this course we also make our own doors in solid timber using the rail and style cutters and the raised panel cutter.
We work a lot with the router, making jigs and templates. We also do Training in the Fischer fixings so that your installation can and will be a success we do the layout and drawing of a kitchen with measurements supplied by the student. Costing and quotes worked out by the students are exercised with plans given, in order to facilitate speedy and effective service to clients .BIC are designed and done on a smaller scale. Installation of units done and practiced Cut out of hoba ™s and zinca ™s done as well as edging using pre glued and Formica We will be visiting our suppliers to establish contact between the student and supplier. Site visits will be conducted once the student has qualified.
Duration 12 to 15 classes of 4 hours each
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Related Jobs or Careers: produce and installation of Kitchens and BIC units
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Milty's Training Academy
  • M asked: Please can i get course info. I am a complete novice and would like to get involved in carpentry and specifically kitchens.
  • T asked: what is needed to study or qualification needed for this course, how much does it cost?
  • M asked: Hi I'm graduating in a private institution, I was wondering if there are any bursary available for this carpentry course , and what is the cost of the full course? Thank you , would like to hear from you soon
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Kitchen and BIC
We will be doing the following over the next 10 to 12 weeks, sessions of 4 hours per weekend, full time courses also available.
1. Measurements and Planning of units as well as unit standards.
2. Standards of units and setting out of area of installation, i. e.
Heights of carcasses, wall units, tall wall units. Drilling of potholes, Different hinges and accessories.
3. Cutting lists. The actual process in detail, with both melamine and veneer board in mind
4. Visit to Suppliers and source lists and contact.
5. Differentiate of Mdf, Melamine and Veneer. This done in detail and work done o n said product
6. Producing of a floor unit (a Drawer unit), a Wall unit to scale (actual size).
We produce a raised panel door in solid Timber with rail and style
The Student will take these units home
7. Producing of a Built in cupboard (to scale but not actual size).
8. Installation and finishing of Formica tops.
9. Working with veneer board, edging and trimming. We show the new aids to speed up production
10. Making of jigs for Router work.
a. Jointing techniques- biscuits dowels, cam and dowel systems.
b. Jigsaw techniques and saw techniques
11. Fixing PVC edging as well as trimming
12. The actual installation of Units at the Training Center.
13. The finer details of installations and problem solving.
14. Cutting out of hobs and zincs
15. Gluing and silicone application
16. New we do and introduction Course to the Fischer Fixings as well as the Stabila Range
Once the course is successfully completed, you will then receive two free visits from the training center (within reasonable distance) to aid and assist you and to evaluate your progress.
Once a student has enrolled for this course, he or she will receive a full and detailed
Course schedule as well as course material.
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