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Securing CyberSpace - Protection of Computers Proprietary Information

IT Systems

In the rapidly advancing world of Information Technology, it is time to focus on more than just the technical complexities of Information Security, and to take a little time to study the mind of the "Information Criminal" or "Hacker".
> What is the motivation of the Information Criminal?
> How easily available is "confidential" information?
> What technical challenges has he overcome?
> What are his new technology challenges and
> What are his potential rewards?
> How can we make it more difficult for him to succeed?
The rewards available for criminals selling your information can be blindingly large, and their well-structured communities operate at an alarmingly sophisticated level. Commercial Organizations, Authorities and Vendors all continue to be at risk, and are all trying to address the problem more effectively.
This unique program has been developed for the World Institute for Security Enhancement by some of the world's most respected, talented and knowledgeable security experts. This presentation has the unique quality of looking at the problems of Information Security from two perspectives.... both from the "Attacking" standpoint of the Information Criminal, and from the "Defensive" position of the Information-Owning Organization or Individual.
With numerous years direct experience and involvement in the computer underground, the faculty of the World Institute will discuss the dramatic changes that have taken place in recent times. The evolution in the styles of information-theft will be discussed, as well as some specific details of the crimes themselves.
INTERACTIVE DEMONSTRATION: There will be an alarming, interactive demonstration of the free flow of information trading in the "Underground". Information such as credit card numbers, phone numbers and access passwords that can be obtained so very easily.
USING THE INTERNET: Live demonstrations will show the power of the Internet, and the availability of information the Hacker can use.
VIDEO PRESENTATIONS: Videos will be shown which include footage of actual physical break-ins, computer intrusions and potential threats.
HACKING DEMONSTRATIONS: There will be live demonstrations of computer hacking techniques, live connections to hacker bulletin boards and chat systems, and some sample handouts of underground hacker publications.
SYSTEM BUGS: The presentation will also expose system bugs which permit the use of extremely simple methods for compromising computer systems, and will discuss several "methods of attack" commonly used by information gatherers.
HACKING PROGRAMS: Some examples will be available of the actual tools and programs used in the seminar. These are often the exact programs being used by computer hackers world wide, to gain access to corporate computer systems.
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workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
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Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:40 hours
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by World Institute for Security Enhancement

Securing CyberSpace - Protection of Computers Proprietary Information Seminar Schedule

December, 2017
18th Dec   Ashville, NC   [Register]
Securing CyberSpace - Protection of Computers Proprietary Information
PCPI-01 Threat Spectrum
> Determine the Threat
> Vulnerability Assessment
PCPI-02 International Computer Underground
> Then & Now
> Famous Arrests
> Active Hackers
> Information Flow
> Software Piracy
> Online Crimes
PCPI-03 Telecommunications Fraud
> Original Toll Fraud Devices
> Cellular Fraud
> PBX Fraud
> Other Toll Fraud Techniques
> The Telephone Company
PCPI-04 Physical Security & Social Engineering
> On-Site Reconnaissance
> Electronic Surveillance
> Social Engineering
PCPI-05 Computer & Network Abuse
> UNIX Security
> Other Systems Weaknesses
> Other Systems Strengths
> Novell Security
> X. 25
> The Internet
PCPI-06 Data Security & Integrity
> Virus Protection
> Encryption & Decryption
PCPI-07 Defending Against an Attack
> Firewall Techniques
> External Security Devices
> Auditing Computer Security
PCPI-08 Future of Computer Crime
> Future Motivations
> Future Vulnerabilities
> Future Attacks
> Future Hope
> Summary
PCPI-09 Risk Management
> Risk Analysis
> Impact Statement
PCPI-10 Resources
> Glossary of Terms
> Reference Information
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