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This is a course for experienced and qualified hypnotherapists who work with, or would like to study, in-depth techniques of past life regression, accessing mystical states of consciousness, psychic protection, waking dreams, contact with guides and entities, spirit releasement, and archetypal trance work.
A detailed course brochure for the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy course is now available. If you are a qualified hypnotherapist/ hypnotist and would like further details please contact kadcourses@tiscali. co. uk with brief details of your existing training and experience in spiritual hypnotherapy.
The cost of the Advanced Diploma has been reduced to GBP (Pounds Sterling) 365 plus textbooks (10 books will be required for this major course - links to books details available on our website). Students will need to buy their own textbooks, for example from Internet bookstores.
For syllabus & other details see the Details section of this entry or email kadcourses@tiscali. co. uk
Related Awards, Degrees or Certifications: This course leads to our Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (or Transpersonal Hypnosis if preferred)
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This is primarily book training
self directedThis is a self-directed course
study at homeThis course may be available for home-study
written work sent to college by email for assessmentwritten work sent to college by email for assessment
Course Level:basic through advanced
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by UK College of Holistic Training
Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Total recommended period of study: approx. 6 to 9 months or less. Continuous enrolment. No time limit. It is possible to complete the course more rapidly if several lessons per month are taken.
Cost: 365. 00 (365 Pounds Sterling - for currency conversion see www. xe. com )
Discount available for full payment at enrolment - fee reduced to 350.
Modular payment scheme: 4 monthly payments of 91. 25 (for eligible students/ countries only)
Textbooks are not included in the tuition fees. This major course will require 10 textbooks, though many hypnotherapists will have some of them already. Students will normally buy their books from on-line bookstores.
Method of study
Textbook study. Written assignments based on textbooks and exercises. Assignment questions are issued by email and students return their written work by email. Grades and feedback are issued by email. Students may incorporate techniques learned into their private practice and Unit 11 will involve presentation of case studies.
Course overview
Spiritual and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy recognises that the use of altered states of consciousness to access other realities has a long history. This history is swept under the carpet by those who insist that hypnotherapy must be a medical or psychological specialism and those who insist on evidence-based approaches to hypnotherapy. Such mainstream approaches are valuable when providing treatment for issues such as stress, smoking cessation, psychosomatic conditions and to aid recovery from physical illness in conjunction with conventional medical care.
However, looking at the human being from a holistic perspective, we are not just mind and body but also spirit. Spirit means different things to different people but general consensus points to a connection with something beyond the individual, present-mind ego identity. This connection can go inwards to meditative states, and states in which we access experiences of previous lives or other dimensions or outwards, to feeling a connection with humanity as a whole, with nature, with the world of animals, with the universe, or with God. We can also add spiritual or psychic encounters with departed loved ones, and encounters with beings perceived as angels, spirit guides, or other-worldly presences. Another meaning of spirit is that we are part of and surrounded by a network of energy fields which science cannot reliably measure traditionally referred to as non-physical bodies of different levels, and that according to that view, our consciousness and our emotions are partly located in those fields.
Spiritual hypnotherapy is thus the use of hypnosis to help access to a portion of this wide range of beyond-the-present-ego experiences and beyond-the-physical energies.
Such experiences can be extremely significant and meaningful, and in some cases they can bring about some form of healing, though this cannot be guaranteed. But those experiences do not fit into a conventional medical model of hypnotherapy.
People will argue about the truth of inner experiences. There are no definite answers and each person therapist or client must make up his/ her own mind about what these experiences mean and how real they are. Some of them may be archetypal that means, rooted in ancient patterns and myths that are part of universal human consciousness at a deep level and which can express themselves through personalised experiences such as a past life regression.
Some of these experiences may be metaphoric, in other words, healing stories that contain symbols of the present-life problems, so that a resolution can be found using the subconscious mind s dream-like thinking instead of the conscious mind s thinking patterns. From this point of view, the client is his/ her own spontaneous metaphor therapist. Some experiences may reflect the reality of other dimensions and planes and the progression of the soul.
Increasingly, the interest in experiences suggesting reincarnation and life after death has moved from spiritualists and psychics to open-minded doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other helping professionals or academics who have written many books about evidence for survival after death, reincarnation, near-death experiences, and so on.
Also, a new paradigm has emerged within the field of bereavement counselling instead of encounters with deceased relatives being viewed as hallucinations (a view stemming from Freud) some more enlightened bereavement experts have said that encounters with departed loved ones are natural and are not to be discouraged. Instead of telling people to withdraw emotional investment in the relationship with the departed, one modern view is that it is helpful and even healing to integrate their presence into our lives including the times when we see or feel their spirits and even talk to them.
Spiritual or transpersonal hypnotherapy can include:
Past life regression therapy
Future life progression
Meditative states and states of higher consciousness
Experiences of being between lives
Encounters with spirits and other beings
Releasing any unwanted spirit attachments or influences
Working with dreams (dream recall or hypnotic dreams)
Helping the client build his/ her own model of spiritual realities
Helping the client to active self-healing
Manipulating energy states through symbol, metaphor and ritual to block unwanted influences and create a sacred space in which healing can take place (otherwise known as psychic protection )
The student will learn many tools and techniques for spiritual enhancement of sessions and to work in a holistic, multi-dimensional way with clients.
These subjects are often not covered extensively in hypnotherapy training courses, and sometimes offered in quick one-weekend courses that purport to make you into a competent past life regression therapist. Such brief coverage cannot teach you the full complexity of this type of work. If you are a practitioner fascinated by the possibilities of spiritual hypnotherapy and would like to learn about it in depth, or to upgrade your previous training in the subject and find out how much more there is to know, this course is for you.
No previous knowledge of these topics is necessary as the concepts that you will need will be explained in the textbooks as part of the relevant modules.
We recommend that every hypnotherapist has some acquaintance with past life therapy techniques, because spontaneous past life regressions can occur in any session whether you believe in past lives or not and it can be extremely disconcerting or even traumatizing for the client if you cannot handle them or if you react in an insensitive and rejecting way. If you use any form of regression to childhood, eventually you will have a client with an anomalous regression experience of the sort that can be called a past life .
These techniques can be very powerful whether or not the therapist or the client believes that the experiences are real (whatever that means).
Module 1: Transpersonal and Archetypal Hypnotherapy
Module 2: The Waking Dream: Hypnotherapy and Gestalt Dreamwork
Module 3: Hypnotic Facilitation of Spirit Guide Contact
Module 4: Transpersonal Regression Therapy
Module 5: Modern Psychic Self Defence
Module 6: Readings in Transpersonal Hypnosis
Module 7: Healing at the Soul Level
Module 8: Therapy for Spirit Attachments
Module 9: Neo-Ericksonian Approaches to Cosmic Consciousness
Module 10: Spiritual Hypnosis: Connecting with the Universe through the Subconscious
Module 11: Presentation of Case Studies
Course textbooks (we reserve the right to substitute books or create substitute units if a book is unavailable)
Elias, Jack. Finding True Magic: A Radical Synthesis of Eastern and Western Perspectives and Techniques. Seattle, WA; Five Wisdoms Publications, Second Edition, 2006.
Churchill, Randal. Become the Dream: The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Dreamwork. Santa Rosa, CA: Transforming Press, 1997.
Goldberg, Bruce. Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis. Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA; New Page Books, 2005.
Tomlinson, Andy. Healing the Eternal Soul. New York, USA and Winchester, UK: O Books, 2006.
Goldberg, Bruce. Protected by the Light. Hats Off Books (an imprint of iPublisher, Inc), 1998.
Leskowitz, Eric, M. D. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy: Gateway to Body, Mind and Spirit. Transpersonal Publishing, 2010.
Goldberg, Bruce. Soul Healing. St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: Llewellyn Publications, 1998
Ireland-Frey, Louise. Freeing the Captives: The Emerging Therapy of Treating Spirit Attachment. Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., 1999.
Havens, Ronald A. Self Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness. Bancyfelin, Carmarthen, Wales, UK: Crown House Publishing Ltd., 2007.
Modi, Shakuntala. Memories of God and Creation: Remembering from the Subconscious Mind. Hampton Roads Publishing Co. Inc., 2000.
Entry criteria and suitability
Applicants must normally be qualified and experienced hypnotherapists and members of a professional hypnotherapy association. If you do not meet this requirement and are interested you are invited to contact us with details of your background for advice.
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