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Have you attempted to heal yourself or others through healing? Are you seeking a way to create a lifestyle that you are in control of? What about further developing your spiritual pathway with enlightenment and advanced awareness? Holistic Healing Minute offers all of this and so much more!
Nicole Lanning, psychic intuitive, healer, and author, is now at your fingertips with a mind-blowing video program that guides you along a holistic and spiritual pathway through a total mind-body-spirit connection! Daily video clips and exercises to work with, along with many extra surprises thrown in, to get you jumpstarted on your holistic healing pathway!
Holistic Healing Minute is about changing your lifestyle approach and giving you the key tools to help you take control of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual desires! Holistic, or "wholistic", healing addresses all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspect or the symptoms that have arisen. All areas of the life must be addressed for holistic healing to be effective. It is about tapping into the physical issues, along with emotional concerns, mental aspects, and our spiritual connection too. This is a journey of discovery for living better, healthier, happier, successful, and striving for wholeness. An alternative way of treating our spiritual pathway in our physical format!
This is primarily webinar training
Course Level:basic through advanced
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Healing Art Forms Institute
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Holistic Healing Minute with Nicole Lanning
Nicole Lanning always knew she was different from other children growing up as an early Indigo child and having a passion and love for her guides. She has transformed her life, being raised in a very strict religious God-fearing background, into a successful Spirit loving entrepreneur. She is the founder of Holistic Healing Minute video series, Healing Art Forms Institute, and author of the Practical Crystal Healing series tips books. She has dedicated her life to sharing her wisdom so that others may grow and learn. Nicole is a dynamic speaker with an extraordinary story and a tremendous ability to touch people s hearts and souls. She answers the most pertinent questions in clear and concise ways and goes above and beyond to help explain what is going on at your very soul level, recognize and accept it for the present here and now.
Holistic Healing Minute offers valuable information in an easy to learn video format. Daily video clips with Nicole s priceless information at your fingertips Sample topics include Reiki, crystal healing, affirmations, positive mind-sets, working with healing, Law of Attraction, grounding, centering, cleansing, meditation, advanced healing techniques, and much more You can change your life now with just a few minutes a day Videos and exercises start from the very beginning, so no prior training is required. This program is here to help everyone on his or her new holistic healing pathway in life. Come join Nicole and change your life today
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Healing Art Forms Institute - Here at Healing Art Forms Institute, we offer different accredited classes for Crystal Therapist, Chakra/ Aura/ Meridian Therapist, Developing Your Intuition, Manifestation Program, Herbology, Spiritual Releasement, Animal Communication, Soul Retrieval, Reiki and Other attunement forms, Healings, Blessings, Psychic/ Tarot Readings and so much more. We offer our classes Internationally, but...
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