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Microsoft Word 2007 Level 3

Workplace Skills

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This course is aimed at people who want to begin using Microsoft Word as a desk-top publishing tool in order to create more complex documents and carry out some basic automation.
Students who wish to attend this course must have a good knowledge of Word, including table design, paragraph formatting and automatic numbering of lists.
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic
Duration:1 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by WWP Training Ltd
Microsoft Word 2007 Level 3
On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
Pre-store formatting using styles and apply styles to text
Format different parts of a document using section breaks
Work with long documents using outline view, document map and inserting summary information
Mark specific parts of a document with bookmarks and cross references
Insert a footnote and endnote into a document
Generate a table of contents and index
Create standard documents using templates and forms
Course Content
Using Styles
Revealing Styles
Creating and Applying Character &
Paragraph Styles
Using the Quick Style Gallery
Editing an Existing Style
Clearing Formats & Styles
Deleting a Style
Using Outline View
Creating an Outline
Working in Outline View
Collapsing/ Expanding Outline
Displaying Outline Heading Levels
Moving an Outline Heading or
Body Text
Numbering the Outline Levels
Using multilevel lists in Outline
Displaying/ Hiding Outline Text
Using Section Breaks
Working with Section Breaks
Inserting a Next Page Break
Formatting a Section
Inserting a Continuous & an
Odd/ Even Break
Removing a Section Break
Inserting Automatic Section
Modifying a Section Break
Changing the header/ footer
section for a document section
Formatting Long Documents
Using Text Flow Options
Entering & Inserting Summary Information
Creating Section Headers & Footers
Viewing the Document Map
Using AutoSummarise
Using Bookmarks
Using Footnotes & Endnotes
Creating a Table of Contents
Generating & Updating a Table of
Creating an Index
Generating & Updating an Index
Using Templates & Wizards
Selecting an Existing Template
Creating a Template
Modifying a Template
Deleting a Template
Using Forms
Creating & Protecting a Form
Defining a Text, a Check Box,
a Drop-Down Form Field
Calculating a Text Form Field
Saving a Form as a Template
Unprotecting a Form Template
Printing a Form
Deleting a Form Template
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