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Crystal Reports Level 2

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Once you have completed the Crystal Reports Level 1 course, or are familiar with the basics of building and modifying reports, you're ready to move ahead to create complex reports and data sources using Crystal Reports' tools.
In this course, you'll not only learn how to create more sophisticated reports including subreports and cross-tabs, but you'll also learn how to increase the speed and efficiency of your reports by using SQL queries.
You will create complex reports using Crystal Reports' tools.
Crystal Reports Level 1, and knowledge of programming and/ or SQL would be helpful.
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic
Duration:2 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by WWP Training Ltd
Crystal Reports Level 2
On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
Create running totals in a report
Build cross-tabs in a report
Add subreports to a report
Design a report that uses a drill-down
Improve processing speed in reports
Chart single and multiple data series
Report from Excel data
Implement report prompts
Enhance report functionality
Course Content
Creating Running Totals
Create a Running Total Field
Modify a Running Total Field
Create a Manual Running Total on
Detail Data
Create a Manual Running Total on
Summary Data
Building Cross-tabs in Your Report
Create a Cross-tab
Create a Specified Group Order
Filter a Cross-tab by Group
Change the Cross-tab Format
Conditionally Format Rows and Columns
Keep Groups Together
Adding Subreports
Insert a Subreport
Link a Subreport to a Primary Report
Edit a Subreport's Structure
Format a Subreport Using the Format
Share Variables Between Subreports and
Primary Reports
Create an On-demand Subreport
Creating Drill-downs
Create a Drill-down
Create Separate Headings for Drill-down
Enhancing Report Processing by Writing
SQL Statements
Create a Report Using SQL Queries
Summarise Report Data Using SQL
Aggregate Functions
Create Joins Using SQL
Create Subqueries
Create an SQL Expression Field
Charting Data
Create a Bar Chart
Modify a Chart
Format a Chart
Create a Chart Template
Create a Top N Chart
Create a Cross-tab Chart
Reporting on Excel Data with
Crystal Reports
Create a Report Based on Excel Data
Modify a Report Generated from Excel Data
Update Data in a Report Based on Excel Data
Working with Prompts
Create a Static Prompt
Create a Dynamic Prompt
Enhancing Report Functionality
Group Data Hierarchically
Create a Dynamic Image
Create a Report Alert
Create a Geographic Map
Appendix A: Understanding
BusinessObjects Enterprise
Appendix B: Understanding
Report Templates and the Section Expert
Appendix C: Report Data Manipulation
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