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The word a stressa ™ is not an uncommon term in our vocabulary almost on a daily basis. We use
it like it is part of our system and we have come to believe that, that is the way it is going to be
for a long time to come. It is these kinds of acknowledgements that perpetuates the stresses in
our lives.
We have acknowledged the fact that being stressed is how we are meant to lead our lives, when
in fact, being free from all forms of stresses is how we are meant to be. The moment the latter
is acknowledged in our minds, then, we may begin to embark on a totally different journey.
One of the biggest causes of stress is our False Belief System (FBS). We have taken upon
ourselves too much unnecessary load (which we feel is absolutely necessary to be a competent
person), that we are so strained by the sheer weight of it, that a break down is imminent (quite
rightly called a a Nervous Break Downa ™). This FBS is passed down from one generation to
another generation and not only that, more load has been added to a strengthena ™ the FBS,
thereby creating more stress and more break downs.
We must come to know our very own FBS and very boldly flush it out from our system,
systematically. At first there will be a great deal of resistance in letting go of this load, because
we have become good friends with our FBS. However with persistence and awareness, we can
eventually bid farewell to our FBS and a stress free life is very possible for each and every one
of us.
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This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:2 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Everrise Training & Consultancy
The approach to this workshop in Stress Management covers the followings attributes;
To facilitate awareness
To destroy
To maintain
To generate
To make known the existence of FBS and how it was planted and how it continuously recreates itself.
To systematically flush them out through Heart Writing, Observation of Thought Patterns and Expression
To maintain the new mental model by being aware of the possible corruption by new FBS and to refuse its entry into our minds
To be able to perform tasks and functions effortlessly, being fresh moment to moment, thereby enjoying the whole process.
Why does STRESS Occur
The absence of the necessary infrastructure to perform a given task.
The weak infrastructure is caused mainly by EMOTIONAL LOCKS (pain & pleasure lock), which makes up our FBS
The manifestation of these EL is many , for example:
(a) Unacceptance of views of another if it is not consistent with his own.
(b) Continuously blaming another.
(c) Manipulations and cutting corners.
(d) Inability to see the greater good in everything.
Effects of STRESS
Physical deterioration.
Unable to be fresh moment to moment.
Unable to see the BIG picture
Operates only from addictive expectation
Unable to give his/ her best and leave the rest
Performance deterioration.
How to Overcome STRESS
Acquire a thorough understanding of the Universal Laws and its mechanics.
Work beyond Reward & Punishment.
Do TTM (Time to myself) continuously.
Continuously pursue an understanding of your higher purpose.
To understand the causes and symptoms of stress
The know how on how to prevent stress
To be able to manage emotion effectively
To be more effective as an individual in every aspect of life
What is Stress?
What are the different types of Stress?
Harmful Stress and Helpful Stress
Consequences of stress
The 4 Powers to overcome stress
- The Power of Appreciation
- The Power of Interpretation
- The Power of Simplicity
- The Power of the Present Moment
The Law of Change
Attachments and Detachments
Converting Failure habits into Success habits
Daily Review
Interactive Lecture
Mind Dynamics
Music Dynamics
Games and Activities
Group Discussions
2 days
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