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Perfect English Speech is pleased to announce the return of their highly successful Six-Hour Intensive Training Program for English pronunciation conducted by the Director of Perfect English Speech, Mark Caven. One on one training that will give you the skills to correct the KEY sounds that challenge you individually and improve your clarity of speech.
The Six-Hour Intensive Program can be completed in one week or spread over two weeks and is carried out in person location permitting, or on-line using videocall through SKYPE.
FEE: 150. 00 per person.
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This is primarily tutorial training
on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)This is an online eLearning or CBT training program
on-line tutorialThis is an online tutorial
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Toronto, ON,
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:6 hours
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Perfect English Speech
Perfect English Speech training is for individuals or groups. Programs are designed, based on assessment, to meet your needs. No two training programs are exactly a like. It is a responsive curriculum that will build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses. It teaches you the mechanics of speech, how sounds are formed and how to apply these skills to every day words and conversation, business or casual. Whether you choose a basic program, intensive, or simply book one session at a time you will find Perfect English Speech offers the same dedication, skill and humour to all their clients. Perfect English Speech offers you skills for life.
About The Training Provider: Perfect English Speech
Perfect English Speech - Perfect English Speech customized language programs focus on pronunciation, communications skills, accent reduction, business English, presentation skills and interview techniques. Whatever your needs Perfect English Speech will assist you in achieving your goals. A graduate of London Academy Of Music And Dramatic Arts, (BA Hons/ Diploma), Mark Caven the Director of PES has over 25 years...
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