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Mandarin - Long Duration Semester Year Course

Language Skills

Mandarin House
30 group lessons a week will improve your Chinese in all aspects including listening, speaking, reading and writing. This program is specially designed for students who want to go to Chinese university for specialized study, or students who want to create opportunities for their career development.
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic through advanced
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Mandarin House
Mandarin - Long Duration Semester Year Course
If you want to learn Chinese in all its aspects and create opportunities for your career development , if you want to prepare for university study in China, the Mandarin House Long Duration, Semester & Year Course is your best pick.
This course consists of 30 group lessons a week ; 4 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. The morning lessons focus on practical Chinese: listening and speaking . In the afternoon you have the chance to learn Chinese characters and learn how to read and write while strengthen your conversational skills.
The Long Duration, Semester & Year Course is available from
3 to 12 months.
level description
- 30 language lessons a week
- 6 group lessons a day from Monday to Friday
- Learn listening, speaking, reading and writing
- Ideal preparation for your enrolment at Chinese university
About The Training Provider: Mandarin House
Mandarin House - At Mandarin House Chinese School we are committed to providing a professional and effective learning environment. Our focus is directed towards teaching Chinese as a foreign language, providing the opportunity for you to uniquely experience China in both everyday and business life. Our greatest strengths are our energy, enthusiasm and devotion towards teaching the Chinese language and through...
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