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Learn4Good Larnaca is happy to announce a new Intensive Greek Language Summer Course for August 2011. This Summer Course is ideal for - people with limited time - those coming from abroad - those living permanently in Cyprus but have to travel in Larnaca.
Our Greek Summer Course will provide the participants with a solid base of the Greek language that they will be able to put directly into practise in real life, or exploit it for self studying and further education.
Maximum Number of Participants: 8. (On a first come first served basis)
Adults 18+ years old.
Deadline: 15th of July
All information in: www. greekinlarnaca. com. cy
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic
Duration:5 weeks
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Learn4good Larnaca
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www. greekinlarnaca. com. cy
Course content : Language Functions :
- Greetings
- Basic Expressions/ Questions
- Basic dialogues
- Exchange of personal and family information
- Giving directions
- Expressing feelings
- Numbers/ Numerals/ Prices
- Role playing in real life communicative situations (shop, restaurant, bank, market etc.)
- Vocabulary: clothes, colours, professions, fruit, everyday life words, work environment, house, weather etc.
Course content : Grammar and use of Language :
- Alphabet/ Sounds
- Syllabication System/ Stress System
- Verb I am / conjugation A, B1, B2 (Present Tense)
- Some useful passive voice verbs (Present Tense)
- Articles (definite-indefinite)
- Gender of nouns (singular plural)
- Cases of nouns & articles
(Nominative, Possesive, Accusative)
- Possessive, personal, question pronouns
- Basic form of adjectives
- Common prepositions / adverbs of place and frequency
This Course is equivalent to Level A1 Basic User, Breakthrough Level of the Common European Framework. At the end, students will have: - a basic factual knowledge base and range of vocabulary - understand and use familiar everyday expressions and high frequency vocabulary - produce short simple sentences or orally and written - be able to read and understand basic aspects of the Greek and Greek-Cypiot culture.
About The Training Provider: Learn4good Larnaca
Learn4good Larnaca - Learn4Good Larnaca is a small scale private institute operating in Cyprus since 2006, specialised in teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign Language. It offers intensive or normally paced courses, all year long, to foreign speaking adults of every nationality, who want to learn the Modern Greek Language, to improve it or to perfect their knowledge.
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