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Covert Investigations Surveillance Technologies


Covert Investigations & Surveillance Technologies are excellent methods of acquiring information; however they require sound techniques and the use of experienced, trained investigators and sate-of-the-art technology. They are closely related because in each instance, the investigator banishes his or her official standing to an obscure identity in order to accomplish the mission. In undercover operations, the investigator may assume an entirely different identity, often requiring extensive preparations. Because of the total involvement, and in some cases, danger to the investigator, surveillance & undercover operations are used when necessary as the best way or, as in many instances, the only way of achieving the desired results.
Undercover operations and surveillance are both employed in a variety of ways and require special skills and qualifications. There are several required skills that the surveillant must be trained in prior to going undercover: Observation and Description, Selection and Utilization of Informants, Techniques of Undercover and Surveillance Activities, Foot and Vehicular Surveillance Techniques, Airborne and Marine Surveillance, Visual Surveillance, Computer Surveillance, Electronic Surveillance, Technical Equipment, and Surveillance Log.
Surveillance can be also categorized according to function. There is, for example, intelligence-seeking surveillance where the investigator attempts to learn everything he or she can about a potential crime or an activity that takes place within any type of industrial environments.
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Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:40 hours
Training Presented in:English
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Covert Investigations Surveillance Technologies
Covert Investigations & Surveillance Technologies
CIST- 01 Covert Techniques and Procedures
Development of Surveillance Techniques
Reasons for Covert Investigations
Preparation for Covert Operations
CIST- 02 Informants
Selection of Informants
Motives of Informants
Informant Management
Informant Control
Meeting with Informants
Treatment of Informants
Legal Status of Informant Information
CIST- 03 Observation, Description & Identification
- Persons
- Objects
- Places
- Events
Techniques of Description
Techniques of Identification
CIST- 04 Surveillance
Types of Surveillance
- Techniques of Foot Surveillance
- Techniques of Vehicle Surveillance
- Techniques of Alternate Mobile Surveillance
- Van
- Boat
- Aircraft
- Techniques of Fixed Surveillance
Methods of Surveillance
CIST- 05 Technical Monitoring Methods
Surveillance Communications
Surveillance Vans
Command Post Management
CIST- 06 Tools of the Trade
Tool Kits
Trade Craft
CIST- 07 Basic Electrical Theory
Schematic Symbols
Basic Circuits
Batteries & Power Supplies
CIST- 08 Wiretapping Techniques
Types & Operation of Taps
Acoustics & Microphones
Wire Tracing
Installation Practices
CIST- 09 Audio Surveillance
RF Spectrum
Wave Propagation
Types of Transmitters
Types of Receivers
Audio Filters
CIST-10 Visual Surveillance
Types of Transmitters
Types of Receivers
CIST-11 Tracking Surveillance
Types of Transmitters
Types of Receivers
CIST-12 Telecommunications Surveillance
Types of Intercepts
- Hardware
- Software
CIST-13 Computer Surveillance
Types of Intercepts
- Hardware
- Software
CIST-14 CounterMeasure Concerns
Safety Precautions
CIST-15 Reference Resources
Statistical Data
Technical Specifications
Equipment Sources
Sources of Information
Glossary of Terms
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