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The majority of lessons are 60 minutes and take place on a one-to-one basis and are scheduled at a mutually convenient time. We understand the time constraints that today's business world places on our clients.
Your QEC trainer will conduct an initial assessment free of charge and will plan a training module based on the information provided and your preference and needs. Lessons are flexible and interactive using teaching aids via Skype and can be booked depending on client requirements, whether it be once a week or a block of lessons leading up to a presentation or a meeting etc. Our aim is to improve your communication skills and we work from materials especially developed for this purpose
QEC trainers are friendly, motivated and highly flexible with a high level of expertise in the business and academic world. Quite simply, our aim is for you to succeed in your professional life - that is our motivation.
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Course Level:basic
Duration:60 minutes
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Quest English Consultants
Online Business English
Course modules are individually tailored to each clients specific needs in the workplace. After the initial assessment, the clients needs are prioritised and agreed. Where QEC differs is that we use work materials and information provided by the client to create real life examples and scenarios for use in lessons (e. g. role plays) so that the client is situation ready and can see the language learnt directly applied to their own circumstances . The client learns it today and uses it at work tomorrow.
Course modules include the language of meetings, presentations, concise writing for emails and correspondence, working an exhibition stand, telephone skills, conference calls and many more.
QEC trainers work closely with clients to establish a rapport and prepare well prepared interactive lessons using work appropriate materials to ensure that the client receive the intense training they require.
About The Training Provider: Quest English Consultants
Quest English Consultants - Quest English Consultants (QEC) is a professional services company specializing in English-language communication and training solutions. We help organizations and individuals improve the quality of their English-language communication. In today s competitive business environment, English is increasingly becoming the global language of communication in the commercial world. However,...
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