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Neil Collins Business English Coaching and Training
English for Presentations seminar trains you to:
communicate with confidence to any public
win over your audience with tailored presentations
manage questions and convince with your answers
receive and incorporate feedback and improve your public speaking skills
analyse your own performance through video playback
benchmark your skills with other professionals
reuse practical tips in future presentations
instantly apply lessons to your daily work
impress your managers, colleagues and clients
boost your employability and career chances
Seminar description:
The presentation course is designed to suit your specific needs. You choose what areas are more important to you from the menu below. You will receive pre course material which gives you some initial ideas on preparing a presentation. You should prepare a 3-5 minute presentation (with 3-5 slides). Send this presentation to your course trainer. You are now ready to start your presentation course.
Day 1 starts with each participant giving a presentation. The other participants listen and give constructive feedback using a checklist. The presentations are recorded and later played back so they can be analysed. The recording is optional and highly recommended as it is a powerful didactic tool. The recorded presentations are watched back and each participant receives group and individual feedback.
After lunch we will look at some top tips and communicative strategies for presentations. After some communicative activities to practise any new language or phrases, you prepare your second presentation. This is the time to incorporate and use feedback, new ideas and tips. You then have an evening to absorb what youa ™ve learned, recharge your batteries and mentally prepare yourself for your second presentation.
Day 2 puts into practise what youa ™ve learned on the first day! You give your second presentation and receive feedback from other participants on how well your course. Your then watch your second presentation back on video and see for yourself how much youa ™ve learned.
As an optional follow up, you get a post course task. Here you can prepare another presentation and send it on to be corrected. You also take away English for presentations material, ready to use in your future presentations.
Day 1
9. 30-11. 00 Introduction and orientation
Giving constructive feedback
Initial presentations
11- 11. 15 Coffee break
11. 15- 12. 30 Watch video back and receive feedback
12. 30- 13. 30 Lunch
13. 30- 15. 00 Input session
Top tips for improving presentations
15. 00- 15. 15 Break
15. 15- 16. 30 Input session
Planning your second presentation
Day 2
9. 30 - 11. 00
Second presentations
(Listeners make a note of feedback)
11- 11. 15 Coffee Break
11. 15-12. 30 Watch video back and receive feedback
Receive a copy of your presentation and course materials for self assessment and future use.
for dates and registration check my website or send me an email at info@neilcollins. de
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Related Jobs or Careers: Managers, CEOs, Polititians, PR and communication professionals, PA, sales and marketing, advertising professionals
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:executive
Duration:2 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Neil Collins Business English Coaching and Training
Business English Seminar English for Presentations
Training Program Details
Top tips for presentations
Understanding and analysing other presentations
Giving constructive feedback
POP (planning, organising and performing)
What s my passion?
What s my story?
What s my message?
What are my objectives?
Who are my audience?
Organising your content:
Brainstorming, writing, editing
Tailoring presentation to your audience
Predicting their questions/ preparing answers
How to maintain interest
Using notes for key points
Preparing visuals- content, design, clarity
Using slides
Monologue vs Interactive presentation
Preparing an effective opening
Handling interruptions and objections
Clarifying and rephrasing
Time Management
Referring to visuals
Making recommendations
Visualising success
Improving your confidence
Positive self talk
Body language
Making nerves work for you
Effective openings: hooking your audience
Effective delivery
Using your voice
Being persuasive
Creating an impact
Being clear and concise
Effective closing
Video-recording and play back for self assessment
Watch and analyse
Active listening
Cross-cultural checklist
About The Training Provider: Neil Collins Business English Coaching and Training
Neil Collins Business English Coaching and Training - Business English coaching covers your professional needs: - English for presentations, public speaking, meetings, negotiations, management situations, telephoning, emailing, sales and marketing pitches, networking and small talk at social events. - Inter-cultural training to successfully manage cultural differences. - Each course is designed for your specific industry needs. Business...
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