Business English Seminar English for Meetings and Negotiations

Language Skills

Neil Collins Business English Coaching and Training
English for Meetings seminar trains you to:
Negotiate with confidence
Be persuasive and convince your partners
Lead and successfully moderate any meeting
Express opinions clearly and confidently
Manage conflict diplomatically
Benchmark your skills with other professionals
Instantly apply lessons to your daily work
Impress your managers, colleagues and clients
Boost your employability and career chances
Reuse practical tips in future negotiations
Course Description:
Before: English for meetings and negotiations is designed for your specific needs. You choose the course topics from a menu. You receive pre course material with key phrases and prepare for a meeting/ negotiation. You are now ready to start your meetings and negotiations course.
The day starts with introductions and a role play. Each participant has a goal and negotiates the best possible outcome. You choose if you want to be recorded on video. After the role play participants receive individual and group feedback. The recorded parts of the meeting/ negotiation are played back for video analysis. Your trainer identifies the communication and language areas which need practising.
After a coffee break we look at top tips and communicative strategies for meetings and negotiations.
Key language and strategies are practised in pair and group role plays. Feedback is given at every stage. After lunch we focus on extended role plays. This is the time to put into practise what youa ™ve learned in the morning. Participants can be recorded a second time. Individual feedback is given by your trainer and through video analysis. The trainer and participants identify action points for the future so your learning continues when the course has finished.
At the end of your course you take away a copy English for meetings and negotiations material which can be used to prepare for your future meetings and negotiations.
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This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:executive
Duration:1 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Neil Collins Business English Coaching and Training
Business English Seminar English for Meetings and Negotiations
Training Program Details
Course Menu:
Clear aims
Key questions:
What type of meeting is it?
What is my ideal outcome?
Who is attending the meeting?
Preparing key vocabulary
Predicting questions/ preparing answers
Time Management
Opening with style
Creating a positive atmosphere: body language, rapport
Relationship building
Establishing procedures
Moderating and managing a meeting
Dealing with conflict
Stages of a negotiation
Negotiating with diplomacy
Using diplomatic language
Making and responding to proposals
Explaining your interests
Asking for opinions
Signalling concessions
Handling interruptions and objections
Interrupting politely
Vocabulary building
Price, quality, quantity, delivery terms and conditions
Information exchange
Active listening
Checking and clarifying
Giving your opinion
Making suggestions
Clarifying and rephrasing
Negotiating more directly
Being persuasive
Making proposals
Agreeing and disagreeing
Challenging and defending an opinion
Confirming your position
Making concessions
Reaching an agreement
Ending the negotiation/ meeting
Summarising and concluding
Making recommendations
Establishing points of action
Thanking people
Wining attitude
Improving your confidence
Positive self talk
Focussing on your can do list
Improving your performance
Incorporating feedback
Video-recording and play back for self assessment
Watch and analyse
Making nerves work for you
Effective delivery
Using your voice
Creating an impact
Being clear and concise
Negotiationg checklist
Cross-cultural checklist
About The Training Provider: Neil Collins Business English Coaching and Training
Neil Collins Business English Coaching and Training - Business English coaching covers your professional needs: - English for presentations, public speaking, meetings, negotiations, management situations, telephoning, emailing, sales and marketing pitches, networking and small talk at social events. - Inter-cultural training to successfully manage cultural differences. - Each course is designed for your specific industry needs. Business...
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