Problem Solving for the Workplace

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This DVD video course teaches a simple standardized approach to problem solving with real life examples from the workplace. Also covers Fishbone Diagram, 5 Whys & brainstorming techniques.
Are you asking yourself "How can myself or my team improve our problem solving skills?" If so this training solution is for you. (Both English and Spanish versions)
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Course Level:basic
Duration:21 minutes
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Business Industrial Network
Problem Solving for the Workplace
Training Program Details
This Problem Solving Skills Training Video DVD also covers Fishbone Diagram, 5 Whys & brainstorming techniques. This Problem Solving Skills Training Video keeps the why tree and fishbone problem solving simple and interesting with real world examples.
See contact area are further down on this page for links with more details and sample video.
Who Can Benefit:
Whether you work in a busy office or out on the factory floor, this presentation is for you. The problem solving approach taught in this presentation is based on the why tree method, and is designed to teach good problem solving skills to people at all levels within your organization. Success will be yours when you develop good problem solving skills on your road to Lean.
Problem Solving Skills Training Details:
Introduction to Problem Solving
What a problem is or is not
Biggest type of problem we face
Finding permanent solutions
Advantages of solutions over root cause analysis
Root cause analysis
Caution about problem solving and how to avoid problems
Understanding the 5-Why root cause method
Line of questioning
Revised line of questioning
Effective solutions
Permanent solutions
Knowing when to stop
Why Tree Diagram
Discovering multiple causes of the problem
Developing multiple possible solutions to the problem
Size and shape of the Why Tree Diagram
Real life example
Consequences of solutions
Developing solutions that are:
Highly effective
Easy to implement
Free of negative consequences
Another real life example
Solving repeat problems permanently
Solutions to fix families of problems
Working effectively as a team
Team size
Repeatability of problem solving process
Focus on creativity
Knowing which problems to tackle first
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