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The P Process for Building a Sustainable Business


Lately ita ™s become obvious that many contractors (and other businesses) are failing in the face of todaya ™s economy. You may have noticed that those who do succeed typically arena ™t the most gifted technicians or the fastest mechanics, but the best at grabbing the attention of prospects and turning them into clients.
The processes we create for putting ourselves in view of prospects (positioning), determining a fair price (pricing) and convincing prospects to become customers (proposing) are not unique to your business or even your industry. These processes are the first experience the prospect has with your businesses. Prospects may ultimately choose to become customers (or not) largely depending on the how well these processes work. When prospects make the right choice, profits follow. Here at TechKnowledge Systems wea ™ve begun to think of these areas as; The 4Pa ™sa position, price, propose and profit.
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The P Process for Building a Sustainable Business
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In order to have a sustainable business, a contractor should be able to manage these basic processes (position, price, propose) and realize a profit as easily as he or she can manage to drive a nail or run a blower door test.
How could processes have such a great impact on your business?
If we look at the business as a system--these processes drive the system. The processes;
I. Position
II. Price
III. Propose
power the overall system much as an air compressor powers a variety of tools on the jobsite, making it possible to earn a profit. Early in our business we need these processes to create cash flow -the lifeblood of the business.
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