Honesty and Integrity - Whats Being Said Between The Line

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Training on handwriting analysis and personal growth
Honesty and integrity are something that is useful for everyone about anyone i. e. boss, fellow workers, friend, client, customer and the list could go on and on and on and on. It is something not only we want to know about others but also what we want others to think about us a truthful, genuine, reputable, real, free from deception, upright, just and honourable individual.
As handwriting is a projection of our subconscious mind where it would be able to reveal about the writer personality therefore it would definitely be able to show about honesty or dishonesty.
Honesty as per any other traits would also have a great many supporting and reducing influences. For example a self-confident and high self-esteem person would be more likely to be honest in a difficult situation compare to someone that has a lack of confident, low self-esteem who would have a great need for approval.
However with the knowledge about honesty and integrity under our belt, we should never make assumption or judge people i. e. only because there is one dishonesty trait found in the handwriting, we would judge the writer as being dishonest. Bare this in mind, most of us would "bend the truth" sometimes; hopefully in the very rare occasion. Therefore when we see dishonesty traits in the handwriting dona ™t ever make judgement. It must be a continuous trait through out the writing not just an isolated or occasional occurrence. If you found that the dishonesty traits is continuous and through out the handwriting, you should start to be cautious and careful when dealing with that person.
Classroom learning, discussions, case study, group presentation
Related Jobs or Careers: 1. Managers 2. Directors 3. CEO 4. Sales Persons 5. Purchases 6. Law Enforcement such as police officers,immigration office
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Course Level:basic
Duration:1 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Training on handwriting analysis and personal growth
Honesty and Integrity - Whats Being Said Between The Line
Course Objectives
The objectives of the course are to:
1. Introduce to the participants a tool that could be use to understand the personality of themselves and the people around them better
2. Introduce to participants some of the traits that could reveal honesty and integrity of a person
3. Assist participants to make correct decision whether at work, social life or any decision they have to make in their life
Course Outline:
1. Understanding the tools used in determining a person s
2. What to know about your handwriting.
3. About handwriting analysis.
4. The five important things in handwriting analysis.
5. The basic traits in your handwriting.
6. The traits that shows dishonesty.
7. How to determine traits in the handwriting
8. Learning to be positive about others
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