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The DB2 Jumpstart training class uses a hands-on approach to teach application programmers and designers the essential concepts of DB2 SQL. Upon completion of this DB2 class, participants will understand DB2 relational databases, be able to execute both simple and complex queries using DB2 SQL, and be able to create and manipulate table data.
Objectives: At the end of DB2 SQL Training course, participants will:
* Understand the basic concepts and facilities of DB2
* Be able to create and execute simple SQL statements
* Be able to create the desired results table using an SQL select statement
* Be able to restrict rows using WHERE clause
* Sort output data into desired sequence
* Learn basic CASE Expressions
* Learn the Data and Time formats
* Learn to format data using Scalar functions
* Be able to obtain aggregate data using GROUP Functions
* Learn the limitations and capabilities of SQL Group Functions
* Know how to use sub queries
* Create both simple and complex sub queries
* Be able to identify and use likely join column relationships
* Be able to show ownership of table columns
* Know how to use the WHERE clause conditions to limit the impact of
* Be able to combine the results from multiple queries using UNION
* Know how to execute a true Outer Join
* Be able to create a table and its columns
* Use both methods to Insert data
* Know the importance of the WHERE clause in Updates, and Deletes
* Be able to Insert, Update, and Delete rows
* Be able to use ROLLBACK / COMMIT when needed
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
computer labComputer Lab Work
coursewareCourseware may be available for purchase
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Bangalore, Karnataka, or at one of these training facilities: Bangalore, Karnataka, Delhi, Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Pune, Maharashtra, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Online, Karnataka,
Course Level:basic
Training Presented in:English
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