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Powerful mental resources are available to you when you gain control of your own mind. Discover how to access deep levels of awareness, make use of more of your mind and connect to your personal wellspring of knowledge and inspiration in this 3 day intensive with Susanna Bellini and Phil Callaghan in York.
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Course Level:basic
Duration:3 days
Training Presented in:English
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Mindskills Training
It is a well known fact that powerful mental resources may be accessed through meditation, self-hypnosis and guided visualization. The common element is controlled access to alpha/ theta states.
These brainwave states can help you to unlock your hidden potential and a lot more When we operate at these levels of mind systematically and with purpose, this is when the true magic happens. To do this successfully in a way that is easy to understand, Susanna has designed the Mindskills training course.
You will learn the secrets to:
Mental discipline gain control of your mind.
Balancing your body's energies correctly.
Using more of your mind, integrating 'left brain' and 'right brain' thinking.
The 4 common barriers to success and how to remove them instantly
Learn how to access and use alpha, theta and even delta brain-states.
Sleep better and awake refreshed at the time you want.
Attract and enjoy the relationships you want.
3 powerful methods for resolving challenges and attracting positive solutions.
Enjoy better health and increased vitality.
Tap into unlimited inspiration and creativity.
Get answers from the universal consciousness data bank.
Remote viewing.
Remote influencing and healing.
Mindskills training combines the best of new mind technology together with the most powerful tried-and-tested techniques and the result is extraordinary. When you regularly practice the skills and techniques you ll learn, the value and benefits you receive will be greatly magnified.
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