Provided by: Corporate Coach Academy

2-Day High Performance Coaching in April 2014

Human Resources

A World Class Coach Learning Series 3
The ARCHITECTURAL Factor In Coaching
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Able to translate positive emotional state into a powerful game plan with practical actionable steps while ensuring commitment to change.
Dates (2014):
Apr 25-26
May 9-10
Sep 26-27
Oct 10-11
Related Awards, Degrees or Certifications: Certified Professional Coach/Certified Associate Coach credentials from CCA, or Certificate of Achievement for individual module
Related Jobs or Careers: certified professional coach
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
coursewareCourseware may be available for purchase
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, or at one of these training facilities: Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perseketuan, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur,
Course Level:intermediate
Duration:2 days
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by Corporate Coach Academy
2-Day High Performance Coaching in April 2014
Without a game plan, coaching people can be a waste of time. Coaches must be equally skillful to convert the positive emotional states of people into concrete high performance actions and behaviors that lead to their goals.
This program focuses on equipping coaches and leaders with strategic craftsmanship skills to build game plans of any kind: confidence building, relationship repairing, business planning, talent managing and many more It also teaches on how to make these game plans foolproof so that they can help people to go along the path of positive change with no turning back and slip back . It teaches the sustainability aspect of change and high performance that can support people in their transformation.
Here you learn to:
Use the process of Coaching to facilitate and brainstorm for the most innovative ideas and solutions to build workable and empowering game plans
Identify the key result areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KP s) for the best game plan
Set scalable performance goals in a step by step fashion that will move anyone towards getting the results
Install proactive and preventive mechanisms that will ensure the sustainability of results
Use essential performance tools in coaching people to accept and embrace change for peak performance to happen
>> You become a strategic leader with a strategic mindset in crafting out sure-fire approaches to build high performers
>> You become a Change Leader who is capable of driving change with greater degree of success (than failures)
>> You become a powerful facilitator and mentor with innovative, inspiring and persuasive skills to elicit ideas and solutions from others
>> You become a creative, resourceful and innovative leader who can help people think out of the box for solutions even in the worst of circumstances
>> Coaches
>> Counselors, Trainers, Educators & Consultants
>> Corporate Leaders
>> Sales Professionals
>> Financial Planners
>> Parents
>> Growing Adults
About The Training Provider: Corporate Coach Academy
Corporate Coach Academy - Corporate Coach Academy or CCA is the leading and the most established fully fledged coaching school that was established since 2001. It is a pioneer in the coaching world that transformed the landscape of coaching in this region, raising the profile of this profession, educating the community and paving the way for other coaching schools to be set up here too. CCA s reputation and its top...
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