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Italian Beginner Course April-July 2014

Language Skills

We have a new Beginner Italian Course running from Monday 28 April to Monday 07 July from 7. 35 to 9. 05pm (9 weeks 170, no lessons on bank holiday Mondays in May)
Lessons take place in our offices in Holborn once a week.
There are min 3 and max 10 students in each group.
The course program will cover the following topics:
Introducing yourself, explaining what work you do, where you live, your likes/ dislikes, ordering at the bar/ restaurant, booking into a hotel, asking and understanding directions, describing people and places, numbers, spelling, alphabet, pronunciation skills.
Please email us if you are interested in joining
For more info you can visit our website
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic
Duration:10 weeks
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Lingua Diversa Group
Italian Beginner Course April-July 2014
Training Program Details
Topics/ Functions:
Introductions. Greetings.
Alphabet. Spelling names and surnames
Personal Info: introducing yourself.
Asking/ saying telephone number, nationality, professions, age, where someone lives and works.
Numbers. Prices
Bar/ Restaurant, ordering food and drinks.
Free time activities.
Talking about your daily routine
Expressing likes/ dislikes
Grammar Points:
Definite and Indefinite Articles
Masculine and Feminine Nouns
Singular and Plural of Nouns
Simple prepositions
Present tense singular (regular verbs ending in ARE -ERE -IRE)
Some irregular verbs (Essere, Avere, Fare, Andare, Volere)
Verb Piacere
Possessive Adjectives (Singular)
Question words: Come/ Cosa/ Che/ Dove/ Di dove/ Da quanto tempo/ Quanti/ Quanto/ Qual
About The Training Provider: Lingua Diversa Group
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