Infrared Inspection of Electro Mechanical Systems

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Electro Mechanical Infrared training online is a 24 hour course on theory and application in the use of the infrared electromagnetic spectrum to locate and evaluate problems in electrical distribution and mechanical systems. This is a certificate course that focuses on these two specific electro-mechanical applications, but may be applied to the training requirements for thermographer certification.
This course covers infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment operation and selection, standards compliance, infrared electromagnetic spectrum analysis and report generation. You are trained to identify and document thermal patterns caused by improper electrical, mechanical or electro-mechanical design, workmanship or material failure.
Self directed learning activities are provided to help student gain practical experience and do not require an infrared camera to successfully complete this course. This online infrared certificate course covers both infrared electrical inspection and mechanical testing applications. From infrared electrical testing like electrical distribution to mechanical infrared testing like that of gearboxes, to electromech technologies in between.
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This is primarily online training
on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)This is an online eLearning or CBT training program
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Course Level:intermediate
Duration:24 hours
Training Presented in:English
Online Certificate Program Provided by Business Industrial Network
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Infrared Inspection of Electro Mechanical Systems
This online infrared course more thoroughly supports your NDT and PdM programs by covering both Infrared mechanical testing and electrical. This online infrared course prepares the electro mechanical technician and engineer for a broad range of equipment in your facility as electromechanics (electro mechanical systems) is any mechanical component controlled by an electrical device.
Just a few examples electro mechanical devices are motors, pumps, switches, solenoids, electric valve actuators, etc. Examples of electro mechanical systems are robots, automated machines, CNCs, boilers, air compressors, etc.
Infrared Mechanical Testing Applications Online Training:
Basic Infrared Theory:
Heat transfer
Electromagnetic spectrum
Emittance, reflectance, and transmittance
Atmospheric transmission
IR wavebands and lens materials
Infrared Inspection Equipment:
IR equipment selection criteria
Range and level settings
IR Equipment set-up & operation
Infrared image recording
IR Equipment care & maintenance
Self-directed learning activities for hands-on use
Electrical Installation Testing - System Infrared
Theory and thermal signatures of electrical problems
Airborne inspection of electrical transmission lines
Ground-based inspection and electrical test of distribution systems
Substation infrared inspections
In-plant inspection of:
circuit breakers
cable trays
Standards for infrared inspection
end user and thermographer responsibilities
safety practices
thermal imaging surveys data gathering and report preparation
Infrared Mechanical Testing and Inspections:
Theory and thermal signatures of mechanical problems
Rotating equipment
Power transmission components
High-temperature insulation
Fluid flow including steam systems, heat exchangers, cryogenics, etc.
Active thermographic inspection techniques
Standards for infrared inspection
end user and thermographer responsibilities
safety practices
thermal imaging surveys data gathering and report preparation
Implementing an IR Predictive Maintenance Program:
9 steps to setting up an infrared thermography a program
Integrating thermal imaging surveys with other predictive technologies
Cross-verifying with other predictive technologies
Why infrared thermography programs fail, how they succeed
Course tuition includes 24 hour access to all online course presentations, Student Reference Manual, online quizzes, self-directed field assignments, proof of course completion, and free ground shipping of course materials to the continental US. Student must complete training within 60 days of registration.
This electro mechanical IR online training course is for the electro mechanical technician and engineer.
"This course is going to completely change the way I do my job. Heavy industry predictive maintenance was a struggle. With the tools we picked up from this class, that struggle should diminish greatly. We will expect to greatly lower our unexpected failures. Thanks " Dennis Somerder - Kennecott Energy
"I feel like the instructors made the training so easy to understand. It was like carrying on a conversation." Barry Deaton - Nissan Motor Corp.
"A very useful course that gives real credibility to an infrared program and is the best of all other courses I have reviewed." Richard Saint Aubyn Johnson - Jamaica Public Service Company
"I have been through training courses for almost every area of NDT and this course was the best I ve ever taken. The staff is professional, well informed and well prepared. They ve done their homework and present information in a most practical manner. A must take course for anybody in the business." Carl Gustafson - Amoco Oil Company
"This course exceeded my expectations. Very detailed and thorough. Course was very helpful and gave me a better understanding of infrared. Great course " Jerry Zajac - Detroit Edison
"After the course, I presented management with a conservative cost avoidance for a 6-month period that exceeded $880, 000." Bill Schafer - National Starch & Chemical
"One-of-a-kind training such as this is not available elsewhere. Years and years of work, research, and hands-on have put together a viable educational package worth every cent " Ken Overstreet - Lockheed Martin
"The information in this class is amazing. If you want a class that will give you a good understanding of IR technology, this is the class." Lori Smith - Marietta Power
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