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The Well-Tempered Life program consists of three components: defining your vision, understanding personality diversity, and using a highly interactive problem solving process in order to create a life plan. We are very pleased to be offering this seminar this coming September at the Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Centre on Cortes Island, British Columbia.
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Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:4 days
Training Presented in:English
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The Well-Tempered Life
Focus on Balance
Through interactive group work, participants clarify their professional purpose, activate self-mastery initiatives, and acquire the necessary tools to cope with the excessive demands and pressures of a changing world. Participants will:
-develop a professional purpose
-assess personality strengths
-shape and refine personal initiatives
-gain a greater ability to cope with stress
-improve communication strategies
-increase personal productivity
-improve powers of concentration
-improve self-image and increase stamina
Focus on Relationships
Relationships are built when people understand and tolerate differences. They are enhanced when we appreciate, tap into, and maximize the talents of others. The following topics are available as public seminars or in-house training workshops.
Personality differences are real... participants will learn how to use a model for understanding personality differences.
Making the best use of time...participants understand how personality patterns influence time management habits.
Change is necessary...participants will gain an understanding of their unique reactions for dealing with change.
Dealing with differences... participants will gain insights and tools for maintaining assertive communication patterns.
Decisions shape our lives...for clearer, more focused decision making, participants will take away a valuable decision making process.
Understanding and working with the diversity of expression that is present on our teams, in our families, with our clients, and within ourselves can increase our ability for creating a workplace and a family environment conducive to mutual respect, risk-taking, critical thinking and pro-active problem solving. These skills lead to increased satisfaction when living and working with others.
Focus on Problem Solving
When our direction is clear, feelings of frustrations are easily replaced with enthusiasm and energy for jumping the hurdles to successful outcomes. One of the major stresses for executives, managers, and self-directed individuals in their day-to-day encounters with others is confronting the challenge of problems and finding acceptable, supportive solutions. The part of our workshop provides a creative, structured approach to problem solving by working through key developmental phases.
Individuals begin the process by reaching agreement on their problem and then defining the outcomes they are after. Through team consensus, the process assists individuals in identifying key barriers to resolving the problem, determining steps to deal with obstacles, and coordinating action items and timelines that support closing the problem gap. A problem is defined as the gap between the current reality and the future outcome.
This highly facilitative process provides the individual or team with a focused and structured approach for working through any problem to its conclusion in a creative, cooperative, systematic and supportive way.
PLEASE NOTE: The listed price does not include food or accommodation.
About The Training Provider: Corporate Training Services
Corporate Training Services - Corporate & Wellness Training Services is a management development training and consulting company specializing in transforming workplaces to become GREAT PLACES TO WORK. Our mission is to assist individuals and teams in making distinctions about their gifts, strengths and build teams. With increased understanding of these gifts, strengths and weaknesses, individuals gain a clearer perspective...
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