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This two week leadership and general management program offers the opportunity for seasoned managers and executives to step back from their professional and personal lives and dedicate time for themselves in a learning environment second to none. Aside from refreshing their thinking and fine-tuning their leadership agenda, participants will benefit from discussions and exchange with top Faculty members and outstanding speakers from Superior Management Trainings (SMT) as well as from other top education institutions.
Related Jobs or Careers: Directors, General Managers, Division Heads
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:advanced
Duration:10 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Publimaks International
Training in Bangkok Advanced Leadership and General Management
At the end of this program, you will acquire the proven skills to attract, empower, reward and retain talent, get commitment to a shared vision, delegate, bring out the best in others, and lead your team to success.
You will learn to recognize true priorities; assume responsibility and accountability; manage risks; resolve problems and conflicts; respect diversity; build a culture based on trust and mutual respect; inspire; mentor and serve as a role model for others. And you will take home new ideas, including SMT framework with proven tools and sound time-saving skills, most of which are unavailable elsewhere.
Typical participants include Business Owners, Directors, General Managers, Senior Managers, Division Heads, Department Heads. Maximum participant per class: 15 (fifteen) people.
A proper mix of short lectures, Q&A, sharing, discussions, individual & group exercises and cases. The training will be divided into two parts; the first part (day 1 up to day 5) and the second section (day 6 up to day 10). In between, one day will be reserved for outdoor group action activities and one free day.
This program will cover three major themes that will help weave the discussion and debate into a coherent fabric on which participants can chart their next moves.
Leading and managing in turbulent times
Leading and managing through innovation
Leadership in action
Over the two-week period these themes are explored through a number of core sessions that address specific issues related to them. These sessions include but will not always be limited to:
Strategic Management
Developing & Managing High Performance Organizations
Good Corporate Governance
Nurturing and Developing Corporate Culture
Managing Business Performance
innovation and Technology
Managing The Unforeseen
Managing The Media
Managing People
Managing Finances
Managing Supply Chains
Fostering and Guiding Innovation
Multicultural Leadership
Leading Growth Through M&A
Network and Power Dynamics
About The Training Provider: Publimaks International
Publimaks International - Publimaks International is the marketing agent of Superior Management Trainings (SMT). SMT specializes in delivering superior quality management training programs in the field of: * Project Management * Procurement Management * General Management * HR Management * Marketing & Sales Management * Customer Service Management Publimaks International organizes training events in Dubai,...
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