Training in Bali STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 26 - 30 January 2015

Human Resources

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We all know how demanding the field of HR can be. The day-to-day practical issues are challenging, and on top of that, Senior HR Executives must always focus on the big-picture critical strategic issues that affect their organizations. This Strategic HR Management course focuses on looking at HR from a business point of view, helping participants to strengthen their strategic HR competencies and to become more effective strategic & business partners with top management. Attendees will leave with a blueprint of how to maximize their HR impact through involvement in and implementation of strategic initiatives.
Related Jobs or Careers: This program is a must for Top and Senior HR Executives, mid level HR Managers, Business Owners, General Managers and Division /
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
coursewareCourseware may be available for purchase
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Dubai, Dubai,
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:5 days
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by Publimaks International
Training in Bali STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 26 - 30 January 2015
* Concept of strategic management
* Setting HR strategic and operational goals & objectives
* Conducting HR related internal and external situation analysis;
* Pinpointing HR related key success factors
* Conducting HR related SWOT analysis
* Crafting of HR strategies, plans & programs
* How to develop the desired organization culture
* How to determine the right organization structure
* How to determine the right number of the personnel required
* Developing fitting HR policies, systems & procedures
* How to develop the required job descriptions, job performance standards and job competency profile
* How to determine the right job grades and salary structures
* Preparation of HR strategic- and annual operational plans & budgets
* Development of HR performance measurement, monitoring & control systems
A proper mix of short lectures, Q&A, sharing, discussions, individual & group exercises and case studies.
() US$ 2250.- per person, net into our account
() Including a certificate, refreshments, lunch, stationery and writing instruments
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