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Sexual Harrassement of Women at Workplace

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* Does your company needs such information ?
* Does your company have a Womena ™s Grievances Redressal Committee ?
* What is Sexual Harrassement ?
* What Behaviour may be Harrassing ?
* Received a complaint ... Now what ?
* As an Employer ,, what is my role in preventing ,,, addressing ?
Get an answer to all these and many more unanswered questions ,,,,,
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Sexual Harrassement of Women at Workplace
Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment has a deep, negative & long lasting, traumatic impact on women, both mentally, emotionally & physically. In turn, it impacts the productivity at workplace.
Very often, the forms of sexual harassment are so subtle & covert that women do not speak out about them, leading employers & others to believe that the issue is trivial, therefore does not have to be addressed in a systematic manner.
Two types of Sexual Harassment
What is Sexual Harassment
What is not Sexual Harassment
Prevalent Laws on Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment within the workplace is viewed as acts of violence against women as well as a violation of human rights.
Vishakha Guidelines
Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Bill, 2010
Sexual harassment within the workplace can be prevented.
How to ensure you are not a VICTIM
How to ensure it is not happening in my COMPANY.
How to proactively respond to the instances of Sexual Harassment within the workplace is key to creating a productive workplace.
As a Victim
As an Employer
As a Colleague
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