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Materials and Spare Parts Management

Business Process Management

Maintenance Materials and spare parts for equipment are a large cost of any plant's operating costs. Waiting for parts to arrive impacts productivity, reliability, and the bottom line.
This 2 day course covers how to develop effective materials management work processes, repair-and-return practices, stock or not stock decision making, the impact of materials management on your organization
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Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:2 days
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Materials and Spare Parts Management Seminar Schedule

March, 2017
22nd Mar   Raleigh, NC   [Register]
Materials and Spare Parts Management
When asked to describe the largest issue they face in organizing maintenance work, many planners and supervisors reply "Finding materials and getting them to the right place at the right time."
Maintenance materials are a large part of any plant's maintenance costs and not having the right materials in the right place at the right time is a common cause of productivity loss and reduced reliability. This unique seminar provides real solutions to maintenance Storeroom management problems. Bring your management team from Maintenance, the Maintenance Storeroom, Purchasing and IT and you'll take away tools and knowledge to dramatically improve your spare parts and supplies management.
Reliability Based Spare Parts and Materials Management Outline
Class participants will learn new concepts in the following areas:
The impact of maintenance Storeroom management on maintenance performance
Organizing for efficient materials management and maximum plant reliability
Aligning objectives for Purchasing, Storeroom and Maintenance managers
The skills required for effective maintenance materials management
The critical importance of materials data accuracy, and how this can be achieved
Integration of materials management with plant reliability
Inventory management basics for supplies and spare parts
A logical, step-by-step process to decide what spares to stock
Management of obsolete stock
The integration of materials and engineering information
Efficient creation of spare parts lists
Effective searching for parts and supplies, even with your existing data
Spare parts interchangeability
Management of repairable spare parts
Work kits
Using Storeroom information to track reliability improvements
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IDCON, Inc - IDCON INC is a uniquely specialized management consulting company that has helped virtually every type of manufacturing and process industry maximize profits by improving reliability and maintenance practices. Because we do not sell engineering services, parts, tools equipment or software, our independence translates into objective and credible advice and training for our clients. Our...
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