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International Advanced Enforcement Institute
This program is an introductory program designed to assist those entering the investigative field to quickly move forward in their career with fundamental procedures and protocols. The graduates of IAEI are more valuable as employees and in return become more employable and advance in salary. This on-line program affords great flexibility in training while being able to meet other daily obligations. This program is divided into sections and are as follows:
Section 1: Introduction to the Private Investigations Industry
Section 2: Privacy in Investigations
Section 3: Types of Evidence
Section 4: Evidence Handling, Basic Locating and Research,
Detection of Surveillance, and Equipment, Interviewing
Section 5: Statements, Report Writing, Undercovers, Storing, Disseminating and Destroying Information
Section 6: Principles of Ethical Reasoning/ Descision Making, Duty of Care
Section 7: Key Principles of Communication and Interaction
Upon successful completion of the program, each student is granted a Certificate in Basic Investigative Techniques.
Fee is inclusive of:
Online Training Program
Online Section Review Tests
Exam Fee
Related Awards, Degrees or Certifications: Certified Investigative Services Practitioner
Related Jobs or Careers: Law Enforcement Law Enforcement, Investigators and Detectives
This is primarily online training
Course Level:introductory
Training Presented in:English
Online Certificate Program Provided by International Advanced Enforcement Institute
Why International Advanced Enforcement Institute
1. Quickly expand in specialized fields of expertise
2. CPD Board Certified Professional Development
3. Close more cases quicker
4. Be better positioned as a prospective job applicant
5. Wider range of opportunities for promotion
6. Be more valued as an employee
7. Create options to facilitate job stability
8. Increased earnings potential
For more information:
visit us at www. iae-institute. org
request more information at info at iae-institute. or
contact our Programs Coordinator at jdecoste at iae-institute. org
About The Training Provider: International Advanced Enforcement Institute
International Advanced Enforcement Institute - The International Advanced Enforcement Institute - IAEI, has designed time saving and condensed online investigative and security training. Accessible 24 hour platform allows students to quickly learn and apply learnings. Programs are designed to be practical application for both entry and advanced level investigators, detectives, security guards, protection officers, students etc. with...
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