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NAFTA Rules of Origin and Documentation 1 Day Live Seminar

Each attendee will receive 1 reference books, titled a NAFTA Rules of Origin and Documentationa by Jan Seal; and workshop materials (valued up to $159)
Seminar Also Includes Complimentary Breakfast , Lunch & High Tea/ Coffee provided by WCS
This seminar will provide an overview of the NAFTA Agreement, definitions of unique terms, Rules of Origin with examples, Annex 401 Rules of Origin, instructions on completion of the NAFTA Certificate of Origin, special provisions to qualify your goods, origin verifications, advance ruling procedures, appeals, recordkeeping, and penalties. NAFTA is the largest free trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The NAFTA provides for the entry of goods duty-free into each of the countries provided that the goods meet the strict rules of origin in the agreement. A NAFTA Certificate of Origin is required for most goods that can qualify under the rules and must be completed by the exporter and in possession of the importer when the goods are entered into the importing country. Failure to know the rules and properly complete the NAFTA Certificate of Origin and maintain proper documentation can result in severe penalties
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic
Duration:1 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by world compliance seminars
NAFTA Rules of Origin and Documentation 1 Day Live Seminar
Who will Benefit:
Sales/ Marketing
Shipping/ Receiving
Engineering/ Manufacturing
Customhouse Brokers
Compliance personnel completing the NAFTA Certificate of Origin
Attorneys/ Consultants
Customer Service
Freight Forwarders/ Customhouse Brokers
Compliance personnel classifying goods under the HTS or Schedule B and qualifying goods under free trade agreements, ex. NAFTA and others
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