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The Introduction to After Effects Course (AE100)

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This 2 day hands-on Introduction to After Effects Training Course introduces delegates to the basic concepts of working with Adobe After Effects. It aims to give trainees the confidence to begin using After Effects in a professional environment to produce smooth animation and special effects.
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Related Awards, Degrees or Certifications: Whilst there is no Adobe certification for this course, our trainers are industry-experienced Adobe Certified Instructors and So
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:introductory
Duration:2 days
Training Presented in:English
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The Introduction to After Effects Course (AE100) Seminar Schedule

February, 2017
6th Feb   London, London   [Register]
March, 2017
8th Mar   London, London   [Register]
April, 2017
19th Apr   London, London   [Register]
May, 2017
15th May   London, London   [Register]
June, 2017
12th Jun   London, London   [Register]
July, 2017
17th Jul   London, London   [Register]
The Introduction to After Effects Course (AE100)
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Interface
- Set Up & Importing
- Exploring the interface
- Saving window layouts
- Importing media
- Organising media
- Creating compositions
- Layers, switches and properties
Lesson 2: Animation Essentials
- Creating keyframes
- Animating properties and effects
- Editing keyframes
- Auto keyframing
Lesson 3: Workflow
- Methods of organising projects
- Ensuring flexibility in a project
- Precomposing when, how and why
- Parenting
Lesson 4: Working With Masks
- Creating masks
- Mask properties
Lesson 5: Text
- Creating text in After Effects
- Text paths
- Using pre-built text animators
- Browsing presets in Adobe Bridge
Lesson 6: Shape Layers
- Introduction to shape layers
- Creating custom shapes
Lesson 7: Puppet Tool
- Using the puppet tool to create motion
- Controlling the distortion mesh
Lesson 8: Effects
- Applying effects
- Keyframing effects
- Using adjustment layers
Lesson 9: Keying
- Basics of keying
Lesson 10: Introduction to 3D
- Working with 3D layers
- Using the axis and 3D views
Lesson 11: Basics of Motion Tracking
- The motion tracker
- Finding a good track point
- Smoothing
Lesson 12: Exporting
- The render queue
- Output settings, File formats
- Compression settings
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