Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2016


Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc.
This course includes coverage of showing users how to create, save, and present a basic presentation; cover the basics of formatting; and discuss how to add multimedia to a presentation.
Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency.
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This is primarily ilt training
on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)This is an online eLearning or CBT training program
computer labComputer Lab Work
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
coursewareCourseware may be available for purchase
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Chelmsford, MA, or at one of these training facilities: Chelmsford, MA, Irving, TX, San Jose, CA, Schaumburg, IL, Altamonte Springs, FL, Houston, TX, Santa Ana, CA,
Course Level:introductory
Duration:1 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc.
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Navigating the PowerPoint Environment
  • What is PowerPoint?
  • About Slides
  • The Start Screen
  • The PowerPoint 2016 User Interface
  • The Ribbon
  • Contextual Tabs
  • Dialog Box Launchers
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • The Slides Pane
  • The Status Bar
  • The Backstage View
Creating and Saving a PowerPoint
  • The Default PowerPoint Presentation
  • Text Placeholders
  • The AutoCorrect Feature
  • The Save Command
  • Using Help
  • Using Tell Me
  • Accessing Advanced Help Options
Developing a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Selecting a Presentation Type
  • Templates
  • The Open Category in Backstage View
  • Building a Presentation
  • Inserting a Slide Layout
    • Inserting Slides from an Outline
    • Reusing Slides from a Presentation
    • Reusing Slides from a Slide Library
    • Duplicating Slides
    • Hiding and Showing Slides
    • Deleting Slides
Laying Out a Presentation
  • Slide Layout
  • Types of Slide Layouts
  • Slide Size
  • Themes
  • Theme Variants
  • Theme Components
  • Background Styles
  • The Format Background Task Pane
Editing Text
  • Text Boxes
  • Text Selection Methods
  • The Mini Toolbar
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste Options
  • The Clipboard
  • The Paste Special Command
  • Galleries
  • The Live Preview Feature
Viewing and Navigating a Presentation
  • Presentation Views
  • Color View Options
  • The Slide Show View
  • Slide Show Options
  • The Magnifier
  • The Slide Navigator
  • Presenter View
  • The Protected View
  • Working with Multiple Presentation Windows
Formatting Characters
  • Character Formats
  • The Font Dialog Box
  • Creating WordArt
  • Converting Text to SmartArt
  • The Format Painter
  • The Replace Fonts Option
Formatting Paragraphs
  • Bulleted Lists
  • Numbered Lists
  • Horizontal Text Alignment
  • Vertical Text Alignment
  • The Format Shape Task Pane
  • The AutoFit Feature
  • Text Box Margins
  • Spacing Options
  • Formatting Text as Columns
  • Text Direction Options
  • Clearing Formatting from Text
  • Using Rulers
Formatting Text Boxes
  • Text Box Formatting Options
  • Shape Fills
  • Shape Outlines
  • The Eyedropper
  • Shape Effects
  • Setting the Default Text Box
Inserting Images
  • Local Pictures
  • Online Pictures
  • The Photo Album Feature
  • The Screenshot Tool
  • The Screen Recording Tool
  • Converting Pictures to SmartArt
Inserting Shapes
  • The Drawing Tools Format Contextual Tab
  • Resizing Shapes
  • Customizing Shape Fill, Outline, and Effects
  • The Merge Shapes Feature
  • Edit Points
  • Setting the Default Shape
Inserting WordArt
  • Inserting WordArt
  • Editing WordArt
  • Formatting WordArt
Editing Objects
  • Object Selection Methods
  • Image Cropping
  • The Picture Tools Format Tab
  • The Remove Background Feature
  • Object Resizing Methods
  • Object Scaling Methods
  • Object Orientation Options
  • Image Compression Options
  • Changing the Picture
  • Resetting the Picture
Formatting Objects
  • The Format Picture Task Pane
  • The Set Transparent Color Option
  • Picture Formatting Options
  • Group Objects
  • The Grouping Feature
Arranging Objects
  • Alignment Commands
  • Object Order
  • Guides and Gridlines
Animating Objects
  • Built-In Animation Effects
  • The Animation Painter Feature
Adding Tables to Your Presentation
  • Table Creation Options
  • Table Navigation Methods
  • Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns
  • Resize Rows, Columns, and Tables
  • Merging and Splitting Cells
  • Distributing and Arranging Rows and Columns
  • Aligning Tables
Formatting Tables
  • The Table Tools Contextual Tabs
  • Table Styles
  • Table Fill and Border Options
  • Insert a Table from Other Microsoft Office Applications
    • Linking vs. Embedding
    • The Insert Object Dialog Box
    • Insert Microsoft Excel Worksheets into PowerPoint
Adding Charts to Your Presentation
  • Inserting a Chart and Adding Data
  • Editing Chart Data
  • Chart Types
  • Formatting a Chart
    • The Chart Tools Contextual Tabs
    • The Chart Tools Design Tab
    • The Chart Tools Format Tab
  • Quick Chart Commands
    • Change the Chart Type
    • Change the Chart Layout
    • Change the Chart Style
    • Change the Chart Color
  • Creating a Chart with Microsoft Excel Data
Manipulating a Chart
  • Selecting and Formatting Chart Elements
  • Arranging Chart Elements
  • Specifying a Precise Position for the Chart
  • Resizing Chart Elements
  • Applying Effects to a Chart
  • Applying Quick Styles to Shapes
  • Applying a Border
Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation
  • Creating a Chart with Microsoft Excel Data
  • AutoCorrect Feature Options
  • The Spell Checker Feature
  • The Insights Pane
  • The Thesaurus
  • Checking Compatibility
  • Checking Accessibility
Applying Transitions
  • Setting Effect Options
  • Customizing Transition Timing
  • Adding a Sound
  • Previewing Transitions
Printing Your Presentation
  • The Print Command
  • Printing Selected Slides
  • Full Page Slides
  • Handouts
  • Outlines
  • Notes Pages
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