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Root Issues Cuasal Effects- Impacts Consequences-Cyber

Security and Loss Prevention

"Securing CyberSpace?"
IS New Technology Helping You Succeed
...OR, Is The Cyber Criminal/ Terrorist One Step Ahead?
IS The Nation's Critical Infrastructure At Risk?
Unique Program:
This intensive three day interactive presentation has the unique quality of looking at the problems faced by Global Communication & Information Security in an ever changing Geo-Political-Economic environment and the challenges created from multiple perspectives.... From:
"Root Issues"- Where did the roots begin?
"Causal Effects" - What were the causes?
"Impacts" - How could it impact our way of life?
"Consequences" - Will it all be worth the price?
Can We Secure CyberSpace?
"We must analyze the past, if we are to understand the future." What does the Internet of Things (IoT) really mean to our lives, today and into the near future? Every daily convenience, whether communication, transportation, life support, appliance, each and every technical device is being outfitted with the latest & greatest technology available. What brought us to this unique place in our technological evolution? In this rapidly advancing world of Global Communication & Information Technology, it is about time we also focus on more than just the technological complexities of Information Security, and to take a little time to also study the mindset of:
International Terrorism: The Extreme Threat of State Sponsored & Ideological Terrorism against Computer Enterprise Networks and potential Vulnerabilities to Critical Infrastructure..
q How can we Identify & Protect from State Sponsored International Terrorism against Critical Infrastructure?
q Can we recognize the consequences of legacy systems?
Information "Criminal" or "Hacker": The rewards available for criminals selling your information can be blindingly large, and their well-structured communities operate at an alarmingly sophisticated level. Commercial Organizations, Authorities and Vendors all continue to be at risk, and are all continually trying to address the problem more effectively:
q What is the motivation of the Information Criminal?
q What is the "Dark Web" and why must it be understand?
q How easily available is "Confidential" or "Proprietary" Information?
q What Technical Obstacles must be Overcome?
q What are some new Technology Challenges & opportunities?
q What are the adversaries potential rewards?
q How can we make it more difficult for them to succeed?
"Attacking" - From the standpoint of the Information Criminal / Hacker / Nation-State / Terrorist.
"Defensive" - Operational Security (OpSec) - Position of the Classified / Proprietary Information owning Government Organization, Corporation or Individual.
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Course Level:intermediate
Duration:24 hours
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by World Institute for Security Enhancement

Root Issues Cuasal Effects- Impacts Consequences-Cyber Seminar Schedule

December, 2017
5th Dec   Ashville, NC   [Register]
Root Issues Cuasal Effects- Impacts Consequences-Cyber
RICE-01 Post Cold War Era
q Wake-up Call: 911/ Twin Towers & the Pentagon
q Department of Homeland Security
q Protecting the Nation's Critical Infrastructure/(CIKR) Key Resources
q Fighting Terrorism: SO/ LIC - Special Operations/ Low Intensity Conflict
q The Bush Presidency/ 43
q The Obama Legacy/ 44
q The Trump Doctrine/ 45
RICE-02 Global Overview
The Post Cold War, World Order, Disorder and the Threat Spectrum to Government & International Business in a changing Geopolitical, Economic & Techilogical Environment.
q Changing International Political & Economic Agenda
q International Perceptions and Expectations of the United States in the World and it's Implications in a 21st Century Market Place.
q Nature and Threat of International Terrorism to Business and Government in the Post 911 World.
q Nature and Threat of Organized Crime to Business and Government in the Post Cold War World.
q Organized Crime: The Influence of the Crime Cartels on the International Market.
q International Terrorism: The Proliferation of Weapons
: Cyber Terrorists: The Effects of Computer Terrorism in a Global Environment
RICE-03 Telecommunications
q Telephone Carriers
q Cellular Intercept
q Cellular Manipulation
RICE-04 Computer & Network Abuse
q Information Security
q Systems Weaknesses
q Systems Strengths
q Internet of Things (IoT)
q The "Dark Web"
RICE-05 Physical Security/ Social Engineering
q On-Site Reconnaissance
q Electronic Surveillance
q Social Engineering
RICE-06 Data Security & Integrity
q Virus Protection
q Chronological Timeline
q Information Forensics
RICE-07 Defending Against an Attack
q Firewall Techniques
q External Security Devices
q Auditing Computer Security
RICE-08 Countering The Threat
Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis of "Old World" Root Issues & Causal Effects of "Modern" Terrorism.
q Counter-Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism: Principles and Techniques
q Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis: Concepts & Applications
q Contingency Planning: Strategic vs. Tactical - National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)
a. Incident/ Crisis Management: Do's&Don'ts
b. Decision Management:
c. National Incident Management:
"Table Top" Exercise
d. Post Incident Evaluation: "Hot Wash"
Lessons/ Learned Presentation of Solutions RICE-09 Future of Computer Crime
q Motivations
q Vulnerabilities
q Attacks
q Anticipation
q Summary
RICE-10 Risk Management
q Risk Analysis
q Impact Statement
RICE-11 ABC's - Supplimental Data
q Appendices
q Bibliography & References
q Chronological Timeline
q Glossary of Terms
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