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Essential Valuation Modelling

Accounting and Finance

Gain key concepts and practical application of how to determine the worth of a company based on future cashflows, as well as other popular valuation methods.
Learn real-world valuation theory and hone your practical modelling skills by working side by side with an expert financial modeller to build your own valuation models to take away for future reference during this interactive and hands-on course.
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Course Level:intermediate
Duration:1 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Plum Solutions

Essential Valuation Modelling Seminar Schedule

November, 2017
16th Nov   Saxon's Training Facility, Sydney   [Register]
29th Nov   Saxon's Training Facility, Melbourne   [Register]
December, 2017
5th Dec   Saxon's Training Facility, Brisbane   [Register]
Essential Valuation Modelling
Course Agenda
Accurately representing the target company
Identifying key information required to value a target
Understanding and developing the key modules of a target
Comparing forecasting options and knowing when to apply which
Simple growth vs CAGR
Rolling average vs total average
Linear regression
Calculating from fundamentals and manual input
Modelling seasonality correctly and applying long term trends / fluctuations to forecast
Discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation
Free cash flow firm (FCFF) and free cash flow to equity (FCFE): how to derive accurately and their implications for valuation
Derive an appropriate discount rate
Understanding the role of CAPM and WACC
Calculate both from component parts using live data
Calculate both NPV (net present value) and IRR (internal rate of return) from both first principles and using different Excel formula
Learn about critical errors frequently made in the use of Excel NPV and IRR formula
Other valuation methods
Learn about other key valuation methods and how and when they are utilised by valuation professionals
Cross check DCF valuation and discuss implication of variations in valuation
Introducing valuation rigour
Understand the role and importance of valuation ranges
Build a scenario / sensitivity tool
Integrate scenario analysis into valuation
Use data tables (one and two variable) to extract multiple results concurrently
Integrate tornado analysis and make a final valuation of target asset
This course builds on students knowledge of Excel modelling and incorporates this with valuation theory into a financial valuation model. At each step during the course, participants build and practice each formula, tool and technique.
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Plum Solutions - Plum Solutions provides workshops and online courses in Financial Modelling & Analysis using Excel. Based in Sydney, Australia, Plum Solutions has been providing professional financial modelling solutions since 2004. The business is based on core principles of honesty, integrity, accuracy and professional conduct.
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