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*Speed Reading101 held At Columbia University*
If you have a child who is 10 years old, or in high school
taking the SAT exam, or in college or graduate-school, we
can help him/ her ACE school & their career.
Regular tuition, $695, special discount of 81 if you or
your child take our One-Day workshop at Columbia U. Your
special tuition is $129. Offer ends at month's end.
Please Take Notice: half of our graduates are ADULTS
including Executives, half are high school & college
students. Check out: www. speedreading101. org
Could you use the 20 minute hour? University-approved, for students, executives and other ADULTS who would benefit from the skills of reading three (3) books, articles or reports in the time it takes others to read only one.
Created by Evelyn Wood's business partner, Bernard Wechsler graduating 2 million, including four U. S. Presidents and their White House staffs..
Please call Gene, 877-567-2500 for discounted tuition,
and to answer any questions. Email: hbw speedlearning. org
I'm Hal Wechsler, senior educational director.
SpeedLearning Institute is based in Merrick, NY, USA
Evelyn Wood was my business partner. She created Speed
Reading. We trained Four U. S. Presidents (Kennedy-
Johnson-Nixon-Carter, and 2-million others. This is a
practical Skills program, not philosophy or theory.
We hold SpeedReading101. org One-Day-Workshops at
Columbia University, NYC. Our graduates can triple
their reading speed, & double their long-term memory-
We offer At-Home, Online programs for those who cannot
come to Columbia University. We offer a special Summer
tuition discount on both programs.
See: www. speedreading101. org
If you are a member of "training-classes", you are
eligible for a special discount. Please mention your
membership to the Registrar when taking a workshop. We
want to help you ACE school & career.
speed reading101Speed reading
Speed Reading instructor led trainingon-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at home : Triple (3x) your reading speed, double (2x) your long-term memory - guaranteed-for-life. Speedlearning100 is both an instructor-led twelve (12) hour workshop certified for students from 8th grade to college and graduate-school. Separate classes are held for executives called Group-Classes. We also offer a Do-It-Yourself, At-Home, Online program. It provides patented and exclusive tools and strategies that make learning speed reading easy to learn and quicker to use. Email us at: www.speedlearning.org Tel. in NYC 917-441-9019
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