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CAL Learning
CAL Learning helps organization leverage and maximize their multicultural workplace through intercultural, diversity and language training programs. Our mission is to help learners develop the cultural and linguistic competence to participate fully, successfully, and happily within a target culture. We have helped thousands of executives, managers and employees to communicate effectively and deal appropriately with colleagues and customers from different backgrounds.
CAL Learning clients include IBM, L'Oreal, Disney Publishing Worldwide, Columbia University, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation, United Therapeutics, and the United Way. CAL Learning is a certified Woman-Owned Business
CAL Learning is based in Chester, NY, USA
CAL Learning teaches language within a cultural framework, so you learn to interact successfully within the social
norms and customs of your target language. CAL Learning culture programs give you skills to deal appropriately with colleagues
and customers of different backgrounds, reduce cross cultural conflict, and increase the effectiveness of diverse
Language Courses in: Business English, Accent Reduction, Presentation Skills, Grammar, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, Japanese, German
Diversity Workshops in: Understanding Diversity, Managing Diversity, Cultural Competence for Health care Professionals, Cultural Sensitivity for Customer Service, Generations at Work
Culture Workshops in: Relocation and Destination training, Repatriation Training, Doing Business in..., Working with Americans
Business English
Accent Reduction instructor led trainingstudy at homegroup study and discussionbookworkshop / seminar : Improve the clarity of your speech by targeting the sounds, rhythm, and accurate pronunciation of standard American English. Learn to sound more natural and fluid by applying the music of American English. Training covers the five problem areas that create accents--thought groups, intonation, stress, linking and phonemes (consonants and vowels). Learn how your accent and communication style are influenced by first language interference. Emphasis is placed on repeated patterns of error, with the objective of maximum improvement and habit formation in a short period of time
Speaking with Correct Grammar : This program is for people who are non-native speakers of English and wish to improve their grammar in spoken communication. Learn to speak with correct grammar. Through role-play, case studies, and short presentations, trainees will apply correct grammar structures to real-life speaking tasks encountered in the workplace. Small group classes allow for maximum practice and teacher feedback.
CultureCultural Competency Training
Cultural Competency Training for Healthcare Professionals instructor led traininggroup study and discussiontrain the trainer : Improve relationships by understanding the diversity of healthcare customs and beliefs across cultures. Learn how cultural identity impacts expectations and behaviors related to client services for both patient and healthcare provider. See how bias and cultural filters impact service, and identify typical barriers to effective healthcare delivery due to cultural orientation. Participants will identify, define and analyze workplace problems that arise from cross-cultural miscommunication and develop techniques to resolve them. Active listeninga the most important skill for service providersa will also be covered.
Managing Diversity : These workshops are for managers who direct a culturally diverse staff or serve a diverse customer base. Adopt greater flexibility in communicating with members of different cultures to get the results you want. Learn to recognize and avoid potential cross-cultural conflict situations and areas for miscommunication. Identify, define and analyze workplace problems that arise from cross-cultural miscommunication and develop techniques to resolve them. Improve performance feedback to staff members from various cultural backgrounds, and provide culturally sensitive service that meets the expectations of your diverse clientele.
Language TrainingLanguages
Business English for Non-native Speakers : Speak with purpose and clarity in a variety of professional settings. Polish your conversational skills for meetings, negotiations, customer service, phone conversations, networking, and other professional situations. Course addresses language functions (such as giving and receiving performance feedback, handling complaints, agreeing/ disagreeing etc) that occur in different business conversational settings. Common American idioms for the workplace and daily life will also be covered.
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