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Petra Hypnosis
Our training facilities are based in Singapore and we provide a number of hypnotherapy training courses. We are licensed by the Singapore government through ACRA to provide training courses and conduct therapy sessions from our centre, PETRA HYPNOSIS & TRAINING CENTRE PTE LTD
We are currently located at 19 TANGLIN ROAD, #06-43/ 44 TANGLIN SHOPPING CENTRE, SINGAPORE 247909. This facility is very close to ORCHARD MRT.
We abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards of practice prescribed by the following world recognized US organizations:
* NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists), oldest and largest hypnotist organization in the world
* IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists)
* IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association)
WE have a number of therapy rooms utilized by a number of hypnotherapists.
Students who graduate from our courses are able to use these rooms for consultation too.
Our hypnotism training for professionals lead to USA accredited Certifications as follows:
1. NGH Certified Hypnotherapist or Consulting Hypnotist
2. 5 PATH Hypnotherapist
3. Master Hypnotist
4. 7th Path Self Hypnosis Teacher Certification
We offer a unique hypnotism certification course- Basic to Advanced Banyan Super Course which is the NGH approved 5 PATH Hypnotherapy & 7th Path self hypnosis teacher certification course.
This course incorporates the world's advanced techniques like age regression, age progression, informed child technique, forgiveness therapies and parts mediation therapy.
All our courses are taught in a classroom. Both theory and practicum are covered, with the bulk of the classroom hours spent in the practical aspect of doing hypnosis and hypnotherapy. All necessary materials like textbooks, manuals, pendulum, CDs etc are provided at no extra cost. Many other benefits are detailed in our course write-up. To receive it, please write to info petrahypnosis. com
Note: NGH - National Guild of Hypnotists
IACT - International Association of Counselors and Therapists
IMDHA- International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
For a list of issues 'treatable' with hypnosis, please visit our website: www. petrahypnosis. com
Our form of hypnosis is good for uncovering the root cause/ s of most challenges that people face and to help them neutralize the emotions attached to the past negative experiences.
This form of hypnotherapy is supported by a mind body spirit form of self hypnosis called 7th Path. It is an insight therapy and is based on the premise that all feelings are good; they are there for a purpose. We help people identify their feelings and if they are not based on reality, we help them to understand and manage their emotions.
Our form of hypnotherapy is like weeding a garden; we don't just cut off the weeds, we uproot them so that they are not strong enough to grow again. This is the kind of powerful hypnotherapy that we teach our students who become fully equipped to start practicing immediately after completing our course. Those who go on to practice using our methods successfully become one of the 1 ers in the profession.
In addition to training courses, we also conduct one on one therapy sessions unlike some trainers who only focus on training.
Our main aim in doing hypnotherapy is to move people who're facing challenges to wellness and self empowerment. In the process of doing hypnotherapy, we also teach them self hypnosis if they are agreeable; it's like teaching them how to fish rather than just giving them the fish. Our rich backgroud comes in handy when we teach our training programs. Our trainer is well equipped to handle all the questions raised in the classroom and also shares valuable information with our students.
The most important thing that our graduates are trained in is in the area of Ethics. They are made to realize the importance of ethics in their practice. We are their role model.
All information provided by our clients are treated with the utmost confidentiality. We are professionals who abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the organizations that we represent. We treat our clients with care, consideration and we believe in the healing power of love. This is what we also train our students to imbibe.
If you require more information, please write to info petrahypnosis. com
Petra Hypnosis is based in Close to Orchard MRT, Singapore,
Petra Hypnosis & Training Centre Pte Ltd provide the following courses:
1. Professional Hypnotism Certification Course (Part-time over 4 to 5 months and Full-time courses over a period of 12 full days, available)This course is suitable for mature individuals above the age of 18, trainers, business people, health care professionals, health and well being professionals, psychologists, counselors, social workers, HR Managers, physiotherapists, teachers, trainers, nurses, consultants, therapists, physicians and those seeking a career change. The course is structured in a way to ensure success for every student. Course fee includes cost of tuition, manuals, certifications, memberships to U. S. organizationns and relevant materials. All graduates can expect to receive after course support to help them get started.
2. Hypnosis for Business Enhancement Workshop (2 full-day Workshop) This course is meant for business people looking for ways to improve their continued success. It helps business people understand their emotions and how this can help in their business success.
3. Petra 3 Step Hypnosis Workshop (3-day-2-hour Workshop or one full day 6 hour workshop)
This workshop is meant for anyone interested in learning self-hypnosis for personal enhancement. This course will instill in course participants the notion that well established goals are achievable. This workshop is suitable for everyone, including students.
4. 7th Path Self Hypnosis Workshop (5-day-2-hour Workshop or 4 day 2 and a half hour workshop)
In this Mind-Body Spirit/ Philosophical approach, participants will systematically be introduced to the first five basic Recognitions which are meant to help them first 'empty their cup' of all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions and then to 'fill their cup' with positive ones. Participants will get a good understanding of what emotions are and how to manage them. This workshop is suitable for anyone who is mature enough to follow instructions. This course is not meant for children. However mature teenagers are able to enroll. When participants complete the Basic Workshop, they are eligible to enroll for the advance workshop which can take this practice to a higher spiritual level and help participants appreciate not only themselves but others around them, so that they are able to live in harmony with all that is. And those who successfully complete the Advance workshop are allowed to join the Ultimates workshop wihich helps them connect at a soul level and understand things at a higher spiritual plane of existence. Many who attend this course report that this is indeed a quantum leap in their experience of spirituality. Here, spirituality does not mean being religious.
5. Time Management Workshop (1 full-day Workshop)
This worshop is targetted at anyone, teenagers or adults, who need to learn how to manage time.
6. Stop Smoking Workshop (3-day-3-hour Workshop)
Participants will discover their inner potential through self-hypnosis and learn the technique to be able to quit smoking forever. This course is targetted at smokers who are keen to stop smoking and need some help to go through with it.
7. Weight Loss Workshop (5-day X 2 hour Workshop)
Participants will be guided through self-hypnosis and imagery towards adopting a better lifestyle that effects change. They will discover their vast inherent potential to be able to achieve success in whatever they set their mind to, in this case weight loss. This workshop is meant for anyone who wants to learn how to lose weight and to be able to maintain weight loss in the long run.
8. HypnoParenting Workshop (5-day X 2 hour Workshop)
This workshop is for parents who want to learn how to manage their children of whatever age. The workshop will empower the participants to discover their hidden strengths and how to utilise them for better parenting. They will get a good understanding of emotions and how to understand the different emotions and what to do about them. They will learn how to communicate better and become better parents, thus ensuring their children grow up wholesome and loved with nurtured values ingrained in them.
9. Workshop for Cultivating The Right Mental Attitude In Sports (3-day-3-hour Workshop)
- Please see our wesbite for more details: www. petrahypnosis. com
10. EFT Course (1-day workshop)
This course is meant for therapists who would like to learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) to help their clients get rid of fears and phobias.
Hypnosis CertificationHypnosis Certification Course
Mentorship Program or Supervised Practice Program instructor led traininggroup study and discussionbookCase Studies : The Mentorship program or the Supervised Practice Program is to be held once every two months for 5 PATH & 7th Path graduates. The program will take place every second Monday of even numbered months from 5pm to 7pm. The months are February, April, June, August, October, and December. The specific dates of the program are as follows: 1. 9th more...
NGH Approved 5 PATH Hypnotherapy Certification with 7th Path Teacher Certification Course instructor led trainingon-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homegroup study and discussionself directedDVDbookworkshop / seminar : This training program offers an in-depth and comprehensive approach to the study of hypnosis techniques for the purpose of effecting therapeutic changes in clients. It is designed to offer the best training to those preparing for a professional hypnotherapy practice. In addition to learning many techniques of putting someone into trance and doing therapy for a number of issues, the students will also be taught marketing and advertising techniques, setting up a successful hypno- therapy practice and projecting a professional public image. And most importantly, students will get a good grasp of feelings and emotions and how to help clients manage negative more...
NGH, USA Certifed Professional Hypnotism Certification Course instructor led trainingon-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homegroup study and discussioncoursewareself directedbookworkshop / seminar : This course is suitable for health care professionals, health and well being professionals, psychologists, counselors, social workers, HR Managers, physiotherapists, teachers, trainers, nurses, consultants, therapists, Physicians and those seeking a career change. Both courses are structured in a way to ensure success for every student. Tutorials and internship oppportunities are also available. Participants will learn how to hypnotise themselves and others in a safe and ethical way and how to do therapy work to help others empower themselves and to improve their health and well being. Please contact us for more information.
Self Empowerment and Self Enrichment CourseSelf Hypnosis
7th Path Self Hypnosis Practitioners Workshop : I would like to introduce a mind body spirit form of self hypnosis. Many people who take this class find that they are able to overcome many challenges that they are facing without having to do one on one therapy. One can fulfill goals in an automatic and natural way. It is less expensive than doing one on one therapy with a hypnotist and can help one achieve the same results but at their own pace. It is a skill that one can use everyday of onea ™s life whenever they need it. It has an inbuilt system to take care of emptying the cup and then filling it with more positive thoughts, feelings and emotions. Many people find this a useful way to clear all the old more...
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