Emma James NLP Training

Emma James NLP Training
Professional NLP Practitioner Certification Training Institute specialising in training course for therapy and sport application. Specific Practitioner courses taught by ABNLP Trainer who is also a leading therapist in trauma, eating related disorders and three times World Champion. She also runs a successful clinic in Manchester and teaches a heavy therapy bias on her courses showing you how to effectively use all the NLP Techniques for holistic change over a multitude of problem areas.
The approach she takes is a driect and fun one ensuring that each participant gets the individual attention they require throughout the training. This is why we keep the class numbers low to ensure maximum learning and also an enjoyable experience where each person feels they are part of something unique.
The NLP Sport Performance Course is taught by a sportswoman who has put into the practice the techniques she teaches and taken World Records with them, there is no other company who provides this.
Emma James NLP Training is based in Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
We are in the results business and working with you to achieve the results you need for your personal, therapeutic, coaching, career and sporting future. We achieve results by working with clients to translate your potential into performance through our courses, seminars and webinars.
Our clients come to us from diverse walks of life and our focus is on the individual to ensure personal attention and complete learning no matter what level you are. We ensure that our trainings are delivered by trainers who are experts in their field and use what teach every day, not just an expert theorist like so many other organisations.
We know from years of experience that each person, if given the time and attention, can achieve so much more than they dreamed and our aim is to produce the best NLP, Hypnosis and TLT practitioners in thier chosen field of therapy, business, sport and coaching.
You know that when you work alongside the best, improved performance follows. With Emma James Training you are working with experts who prove what they teach as they are World Champions working with individual athletes, teams and also Olympic Committees, leading specialist therapists with clinics in the UK, motivational trainers and have real experience in thier field, not just theoretical non experienced based learning.
Our students are unique. They know that in the real world you need results and all decisions are
made with results in mind. Utilizing the techniques of our founder and World Champion, Emma James Training utilizes a wealth of practical experience and delivers results. With performance
in mind, we dont just theorise...we prove it
NLP Sport Practitioner Certification
NLP Sport Practitioner Training - ABNLP Accredited Validated Certification Course instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncd rombook : NLP Sport Practitioner Certification Course a taught by athletes for athletes The NLP Sports Practitioner course is designed for a more in depth view and application of NLP and all its techniques for the sports person, those interested in, or coaching sport. The mental aspect of performance can account for up to 60% of overall results so understanding and being able to change behavior and mind set is vital to anyonea ™s results. Neuro more...
ABH Hypnosis PracHypnosis Practitioner Certification ABH
ABH Hypnosis Practitioner Training Certification instructor led traininggroup study and discussion : ABH Hypnosis Practitioner Training Certification on the 19th and 20th of February 2009. Leading UK trainer, Emma James is taking this training and the group is limited to 6 people. Prerequisite is NLP Practitioner Certification. Fees are 225 pounds for the course including full certification.
NLP Practitioner Certification Training in Bath - max 10 per group 900 pounds instructor led trainingstudy at homegroup study and discussioncoursewarecd rombook : 26th to 28th November & 4th to 6th December This NLP Course is a certificated ABNLP approved training but geared towards those who want to use it for personal development and becoming a qualified NLP Practitioner therapist. It is perfect for those wishing to become a therapist, use it for personal communication and development skills, overcoming problems, confidence, assertiveness and so much more. Each more...
NLP Practitioner Course Bath Somerset March 2010 instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewarecd rombook : NLP Practitioner Certification Course ABNLP Accredited Institute in Bath, Somerset 29th March to 4th April 2010 Based in Bath and convenient for Bristol, Gloucester, Wiltshire and surrounding areas. Pre course study and 7 day practical Accelerated NLP course throughout the UK. This course is limited to 8 participants. Accredited by the world recognised ABNLP. Emma James is a leading UK therapist, author, three times world more...
Professional NLP Training & Certification Tonbridge 19-22 Sept & 3-5 Oct instructor led trainingstudy at homegroup study and discussioncourseware : This NLP Course is a certificated ABNLP approved training but geared towards those who want to use it for personal development, business & negotiation communication and therapy application. It is perfect for those wishing to become a therapist, use it for personal & business success and growth, overcoming problems, confidence, assertiveness and so much more. Each class is kept to 10 people and you will get personal attention throughout the entire course to see that your goals are realised including one to one work with me. A warm bond with like minded people is also the aim to more...
Master PracNLP Master Practitioner Certification Course
Master Practitoner Certification Course - July and August 2010 in Bath Somerset instructor led trainingstudy at homegroup study and discussioncoursewarecd rom : INTENSIVE NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION ® INTENSIVE HYPNOSIS MASTER PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION INTENSIVE TIME LINE THERAPY ® MASTER PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION (14 Days) inclusive 1850 inc VAT 3 certificates in 14 days! The certification you leave with is: Master Practitioner of NLP Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapya Master Practitioner of Hypnosis assuming, of course, they come up to the standards set by the ABNLP, the more...
TLT PracTime Line Therapy Practitioner Certification TLTA Accredited
Time Line Therapy Practitioner Certification Course - 2 days in Bath Somerset : Time Line Therapy is the overall most effective way of dealing with complex behaviours and ingrained reactionary negative behaviour is issues. Remove limiting decisions, behaviours, negative mind sets and release the attachment of the past to your clients every day lives allowing them to move forward easily leaving your job as the therapist so much easier. Only fully qualified NLP Practitioners can attend this training and I accept non ABLNP practitioners providing certain modules have been covered during your training.
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