International Institute for Advanced Training on Control and Automation-IIATCA

International Institute for Advanced Training on Control and Automation-IIATCA
1. We provide an individually cared hands-on practical training on PLC, SCADA, DCS and AC Drives (with Siemens , Allen Bradley and Schneider electric automation products)along with complete system engineering on process plants. These trainings are provided in association with ISA-Kolkata Section(International Society of Automation) and each candidate on successful completion of training is evaluated and certified by them. Duration and contents of each courses vary and details are available at www. iiatca. org
2. We provide a a packaged course on Industrial Automation affiliated by West Bengal State Council of Technical Education and duration of such course is six months. Details avaialble at www. iiatca. org
3. We are an approved vocational Training Provider by Director General of Employment and Training under National Council of Vocational Training (Modular Employable Skills-MES), Govt of India for the following topics
a) Basic Electricals
b) Industrial Electricals
c) Process Instrumentation
d) Industrial Automation
e) Information Technology
f) Skill Development
and few more...
Details available at www. iiatca. org
International Institute for Advanced Training on Control and Automation-IIATCA is based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Due to fast development in automation of existing and new industrial plants, there is consistent need for every industry with automation applications to train and upgrade their technical workforce with latest control and automation techniques and/ or search for trained manpower. To cater to these ardent needs, ISA-Kolkata in association with IIATCA, conducts individually cared comprehensive training courses on Industrial Automation and Control Engineering covering PLC programming, System engineering, SCADA and Variable Speed Drive applications with latest devices available in the market. Panel of experts form ISA Kolkata Section does the evaluation process and certification. Training is provided on Rockwell, Siemens and Schneider electric products.
Course Fees (Effective from Aug 2009)
Sl No
Course Name No of Modules Maximum Duration
1. Basic
PLC Programming 20 30 days
in Siemens, Rockwell
and Schneider make
hardwares and softwares
2. Advance (Plan I) 25 45 days
programming along
with AC Drives
but either with
Siemens or Rockwell
hardwares and
softwares only
3. Advance (Plan II) 60 90 days
programming along
with AC Drives
with Siemens,
Rockwell and
Schneider hardwares
and softwares.
Complete system
engineering of
automation of two
process plant
covering engineering
design with autocad,
component selection,
preparation of BOM etc
4. Enhanced 90 120 days
All topics covered
in Advance (Plan II)
alongwith DCS and HMI
configuration, SCADA
program development
using VB and active X
control etc PID
applications, system
engineering covering
three projects on
process plants
5. Qualified Automation 90 90 days
Professional (QAP)
Covering most of
the hands on programme
as above backed by
theoretical topics by
industry experts
Note : Courses are conducted with Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider products only.
All courses are individually cared except QAP. Final evaluation and
certification will done by IIATCA for Basic and Advanced courses and for other
courses it shall be done by ISA, Kolkata section
Payment terms : 100 advance prior to commencement of courses. Installments are
also possible in special cases with a nominal extra charge. Details are
available with the institute.
Candidates can take admission any day as per the following timings by paying the
fees in advance and bringing two recent PP size photos 11: 00 AM to 5 PM (Monday
to Saturday) and 11 AM to 3 PM (Sunday)
The Institute is open seven days a week as per following timings. (Except
holidays under NI act of Govt. of India)
Training hours :
(For all individually cared programs candidates can choose their own timing with
prior appointment with the course coordinator/ training instructor)
Monday to Friday 08: 00 AM to 08: 00 PM
Saturday 10: 00 AM to 8: 00 PM
Sunday 10: 00 AM to 04: 00 PM
Institute address :
(A Unit of Joyjeet Das Memorial Foundation and Educational Trust)
DA 169, Salt Lake
Kolkata 700 064, India
Phone 91-33-23347326 Telefax 91-33-23342887
e-mail; iiatca mail. com website; www. iiatca. org
Qualified Automation Professional : Introduction on Industrial Automation and various components of Automation PLC Hardware fundamentals Ladder Logic Concepts Real life control components identification and conventional electrical wiring through various applications Use of PLC programming softwares through various applications Introduction on SCADA softwares Creating projects on SCADA Graphic displays, Screen generation, Tags more...
Process AutomationTraining course on Process Automation
Workshop on Industrial Automation Basics PLC SCADA and AC Drives for Engineers : What the participants can learn by attending : a PLC Ladder Logic o Is it normally open or normally closed? o A basic rung of logic o Instruction types o MCR, JSR and basic structure of a PLC program o Adjusting Timers and Counters o What is integers, binary, floating point data memory areas. o symbols and rung descriptions a Basic use of PLC Programming Software o PC to more...
Training on Automation- Qualified Automation Professional (QQualified Automation Professional (QAP) -Training Programme
ON SITE TRAINING PROGRAM ON AUTOMATION instructor led trainingself directed : ON-SITE TRAINING ON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION FOR CORPORATES Conducted by International Institute for Advanced Training on Control & Automation (IIATCA) Course Type : Class Room (Consisting of Lectures, Multi-media Presentations and Hands-on in Automation Lab.) Venue : For Lectures & Multi-media presentations a Office of the more...
Training on Control and AutomationAdvanced Composite Course on Control and Automation
Advanced composite course on Control and Automation-A comprenhensive short term course for automation project engineers instructor led trainingself directedworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : Advanced Composite Course with PLC Programming (Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider). SCADA(RS View, WINCC, Wonderware), A. C Drives & System Engineering along with DCS, HMI configuration, PID applications, SCADA program development in VB with active X and OPC components. System engineering( Three complete automation project of a process plant)with exposure to Autocad and selection and application of electrical components.
Head Office
DA 169, Salt Lake, Sector-1Ground FloorKolkataWest Bengal700 064India
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