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Abhisam Software is a company, setup to provide e-learning courses for technical as well as other professionals working in companies and universities all over the world. Abhisam has e-learning courses on Safety Instrumented Systems, Hazardous Area Instrumentation, RFID and Gas Monitors that have become very popular with technical professionals. More courses are in the pipeline. Our learners are from all backgrounds, including many from the world's leading companies including many from the Fortune 500 list. Courses are available online either directly from Abhisam or through partner organizations like Business Industrial Network, Automation. com, Risknowlogy and others.
Abhisam Software is based in Miami, FL, USA
Abhisam Software is an e-learning company actively involved in training and education of technical personnel like you. Abhisam Software is not a vendor of Instrumentation, RFID or any sort of equipment, nor a system integrator, nor a consultant. Abhisam's main mission is to provide quality training and learning, that is completely vendor -neutral and technology focused, to its customers all over the globe.
This is important to you, as some of the "free"course providers have their own axes to grind, which you should keep in mind.
At present we have highly popular courses on Hazardous Area Instrumentation, RFID, Safety Instrumented Systems and Gas Monitors and we count many engineers and technicians working in many industries and companies, big and small, as our customers and end users. Many personnel working in Fortune 500 companies have downloaded and learned from many of these courses.
We can even customize these courses to suit your organization's needs-just send us an enquiry.
To the best of our knowledge there is no other company that provides such courses (superior and comprehensive content), for these prices (very low). If you come across any company that does this, do let us know. As a reward, you can get our courses for free
Radio Frequency Identification on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)self directedDownload program : This program is a comprehensive e-learning course on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. It enables learners to grasp this new and exciting subject easily. The course consists of Six modules. These are Basic Concepts, The Physics behind RFID, Practical RFID systems, Middleware & Standards, RFID Applications and RFID Security & Privacy.
Process and Plant Safety
HAZOP on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)cd rom : The HAZOP training course is an e-learning course that uses animations and simulations extensively to enable the learning of the HAZOP (Hazards and Operability) technique. The e-learning course has several real life examples that serve as typical case studies for mastering HAZOP. The course covers HAZOP in four modules as under: 1. Basic Concepts (including concepts related to Hazard and Risk) 2. HAZOP Methodology (includes several interactive animations that explain the HAZOP methodology in detail) 3. HAZOP more...
Safety Instrumented Systems
TUV Certified Functional Safety Certification Course instructor led trainingcoursewarebookworkshop / seminar : This TUV SUD certification program is meant for technical professionals and engineers who work with Safety Instrumented Systems in various industries such as Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and similar process industries. The program covers all aspects of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. It is meant for technical professionals who already are working in these industries and have working knowledge of Safety Instrumented Systems.
Fieldbus : This e-learning program on Fieldbus covers FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology in detail and also covers ASi bus, HART and Profibus PA. A real life case study enables the learner to learn how to execute Fieldbus projects. The course has several easy to understand graphics, animations, video and other rich media in addition to text. A Self Assessment test is also provided. Free online exam and certification available too!
Gas Monitors on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)self directedDownload : This training program equips you with the knowledge necessary to understand, design, specify, select and implement gas monitors. These gas monitors are used in almost all industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemicals processing, Shipping, Semiconductor fabrication, Power Generation, Steel plants and the like. Gas monitors are used in these industries to detect and warn the more...
Hazardous Area Instrumentation on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)e-bookDownload : This e-learning program equips the learner with all the knowledge necessary to select, specify, design and implement Instrumentation and Control Systems in Hazardous Areas. These hazardous areas are those locations that contain explosive and flammable liquids, vapors or gases. Such locations are commonly encountered in Oil & Gas, Petroleum refining, chemicals processing and storage, shipping, tank terminals, gas based power stations, etc. more...
Safety Instrumented Systems : Thousands of process plants all over the world use Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS for short), to protect people, equipment and the environment from catastrophe. During recent years, various countries and regions have made it mandatory to use these systems, to prevent accidents and mishaps. Unfortunately however, knowledge about Safety Instrumented Systems is perceived by many people to be a hidden art that only a few chosen people know (or are capable of knowing), which is just not true. Any professional who has work experience and / or qualifies to work in the process industries can easily more...
Free RFID course study at homee-book : This course is a free e-learning course on Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) technology that can be downloaded by anybody without any restrictions at all. The course is NOT just a power point presentation, it is a regular hi quality e-learning course, that can be downloaded to your computer and consists of Flash based animations that help you understand key concepts about RFID including an introduction to automatic identification techniques including bar code technology. Many learners from all over the world including engineers, technicians, university professors, managers and other more...
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